Clamp lamp Reflector necessary?

I purchased 2 Vintage Grow HIGH YIELD Full Spectrum Hydroponics 12W LED Grow Light Bulb Lamps, I need 2 clamp lamps. These are $9.90 each at amazon. Do I need the reflector ones? Can I use regular cheap lamps?

You can use any lamp, but the reflector clamp style ones are nice for being able to direct the light in any direction needed. :v:

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Is 24 watts all your going to try with? I’m a newbie so I can’t really give sound advice but I think your going to need a lot more than that . Mine is a full spectrum 1000 watt led and I just added a couple compact fluorescent lights . And even with 1000 watts the cfls are making a difference already . And for reflectors if you live by a Tractor supply they have the clamp lights with reflectors at two for $10 to use as heat lamps for chickens they are all the same thing . Good luck

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I have one more lamp and I’ll only be starting 5 seeds. I’ll check out our Fleet Farm store, thanks.

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@Bobbi have you downloaded the Grow Bible yet ? It is free on here and a great reference source . I just started my first grow and only have 4 plants started but the light from what I understand is one of the most essential parts of a grow followed closely by the PH level of run off . The best advice anyone has given me is to read the Grow Bible and I continue to read it every time I have a question . Plus you are in a great place for support the Grow Mentors and Admins on here are really helpful and and give freely of the years of experience they have in Cannabis . Some of us are on very limited budgets and they help with getting by on the least expensive way to get started also . For the least expensive lighting you can also go to YouTube and search diy grow lights you can probably make them out of things around the house .

               Good luck , Mark

I already purchased the 2 grow bulbs and checked out the clamp lamps today at Walmart, they are reflectors and only about 6 bucks. I do have the bible downloaded and in my document file. Thanks,

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My personal opinion on the reflectors is to ditch them, Im a fan at making custom reflectors catered to my own grow situation, also Im a noob and a metal fabricator by trade so again, just my opinion, but I like to nip any heat in the bud quick so if you were to keep the stock reflectors that come with most clamp lamps I would reccomend a slight modification to let the heat escape before shooting towards my girls.

I’m only using the grow lights to start my seeds until I can plant them in the spring outside. I didn’t think the bulbs gave off heat? I am buying the equipment now so I’ll be ready to start the seeds next year. Do you know approximately how long it takes for white widow auto flower to go from seeds to a sizable plant to transplant outside?