City of Atlanta decriminalized possession

Mayor Kasim Reed recently passed a change in possession laws for MJ. If caught with an ounce or less, it is now a misdemeanor charge with a $75 fine.

Baby steps…


What the penalty for cultivating/ growing? @GetbackJoJo Im in MA just curious

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Still considered a felony. We aren’t even close to any kind of legalization. We have legislators still fighting medical canabis oils.


Sorry to hear that. @GetbackJoJo but that is a step in the right direction! Hopefully they will keep it going!


boy,i thought ar was going to be the last southern state to legalize mmj…
i would have expected a city like atlanta to already have the wheels rolling on this issue… which is a no-brainer.


I dont know if this is cool but what part of mass are you from im in western ma

yeah it’s ok, just not allowed to give out contact info. Im NW of Boston about 45 minutes. There are many of us on here from MA @Rexx I will tag you to a topic.

Thats a step in the right direction @GetbackJoJo
I heard NJ is going to legalize recreational mj or at least vite on it
So once that happens NY Pa wont be fare behind i hope

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Everytime I hear decriminalisation and cannabis together, I like it, and that’s it :slight_smile:

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