Citric acid good / bad

so is citric acid ok to bring PH down my water is near 8 from tap ?
up date i had ordered PH down on Amazon i was going to cancel it but to late. so i did a test i have a color q 11 pro test kit for pools and a taylor k6000 liquid drops (phenol red) my taylor says 7.8 /8 its subjective to color bright red is 8.2 any orange ish is 7.4 this kit reads high PH i doesnt go in to the low to acids. the color q says 7,2 ??? the blue labs pen says 7.9/8.1 so im sure i need to take the high and throw the color q away

Citric acid will work. I’ve used lemon juice, and vinegar. There is another thread about this here How to read ppm’s?
Specifically, the part about homemade vs. premade pH buffers.


I use distilled vinegar without any problems it works just fine I’ve always used it there’s some interesting stuff out there that can be used instead of using ph up/ph down

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Thanks a lot for you guys help

I use fresh lemon juice, (because it’s free). No noticeable issues yet.

Do you own citrus trees, or borrowing it from work?

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Leftovers from work at the end of the week. Honestly, it doesn’t take a lot of lemon juice to bring things into check. 2-3 lemons for 3-4 plants/ week.

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All I know is that citric acid can be nasty stuff. Be careful

I use it myself. It’s rare I need it, though. I never have to get juice or lemons, since my wife loves lemon, on everything. We always have lemons. I’m going to grow a dwarf tree when we have the space.

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I’ve tried growing citrus plants here, they never amount to much. They veg and veg but never flower. The climate here just doesn’t support it.
I’ve got 2 cherimoya trees in containers that I’ve kept going for 8-9 years. I’d love them to flower, but I’m not putting them in my tent. Real estate is valuable.

Which neck of the woods is “here” that they don’t do well?

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New England. Between ny and nh, but not Maine or mass. :innocent:

Ah. Yeah, I would think they’d be tough to grow up that way. Here in the desert, I bet they’ll do great. They do in Phoenix, I know.

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i have three a myers lemon had it 6 years a mini tangerine and a dwarf tangerine both 6/7 years they go in my green house for the winter they bloom 2 times lol it smells so good in there … next spring my green house will smell different but thats because i just ordered 20 super skunk fem seeds they will be started in there and in my garden next spring I have a 18x15 room upstairs with 9 WWA five in tent and 4 i will make a divider room for
(i still cant believe Oklahoma passed Med MJ ) Yes even my wife is all good for this Her and two cousins and i are all ready working on dispensary and grows we will be ready :wink:

my tap water is all ways at 7.8 or higher i have a pool i do all chems on so i have been checking ph every day
i have to use muriatic acid to bring PH down 2 /3 times a week being salt pool it goes up a little every day