Cigaerettes smoke

What kind of inpact does 2nd hand smoke have on your plants?


I am not sure if any I don’t smoke Cig’s I do smoke weed around them…
@Niala Might have some good info on this.


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Hi @jimmybud , plants can act as a great controlers of air pollution and therefore are absorbing any air polluants. Your overall air quality will improve.

Some studies shows that cigarettes smoke, which is a combination or mixture of gases, organic compounds and particulate matter, causes plants to drop leaves and causes epinasty, which is a downward curvature of leaves, due to its ethylene content. Ethylene causes lateral swelling, reduces the elongation rate and, as opposed to normal vertical growth, causes horizontal growth in seedlings. Smoke often contains air pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are also injurious to plants. Carbon dioxide in smoke is beneficial to plants, since it is used in photosynthesis, but the particulates present could coat the leaves and hinder the absorption of light.

However, it’s common practice, in ancient China, to ripen harvested fruit, it was a practice to burn incense in the rooms, where the harvested fruits were kept. The created heat and smoke helped in the ripening process.

I stop smoking cigarettes 15 years ago and do have better start with my seedling / sprouting and early veg plant since I have stop smoking. I never test to ripening any kind of fruits or flower plants with smoke, but if I try the experience, I will definitely not use cigarettes smoke for obvious reason, smell for one and the possible absorption of bad chemical in my harvest.

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One big hazard that comes to mind is infecting the plants with TMV. Tobacco Mosaic Virus is highly contagious and is present in commercial cigarettes FYI. Wash hands around plants.


Thanks to the great strains ive quit cigs. Smoke a lot of cannabis in place of it. Lol


Thanks that helps a lot no more smoking in the room


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Kouřím marlboro red a už nebudu. Alespoň u kytek :smile:


@Mitak17 sorry but i can only make out bits and pieces of what you are typing… what is your nationality?

Czech republika


I smoke marlboro red and I will not be. At least for the flowers
Vítejte na fóru @Mitak17 Zkuste přeložit před tím, než vám pomůže. Nejčastěji používaným jazykem je angličtina.


Im in the same boat @Laurap i carry a disposable oil rig so when i want a hit i just take a puff of hash oil and forget about it… :smile:
Congratulations! Ciggs are a hard one to walk away from, in my opionion harder then drugs.


@jimmybud also if u grow outdoors cig. Butts left on the way to and from, and at grow sites contain your DNA and is a very easy way for the “fuzz” to get a conviction. Fyi


i was thinking that @Mitak17 but did not want to assume anything…
welcome to ilgm, marlboro reds was my smokes,when i did… they started putting fire retardant chemicals in cigs here in US and that stuff about killed me.guess i was allergic,anyway MMJ is my only smoke now. i’m trying to smoke less of that too,and get into concentrates…


lol @Familyman420 you have been watching to much forensic files…but yea they can do that!

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Good morning this is crystal just waking up


Tmv is the biggest threat when smoking around your Cannabis plants best just not to smoke in grow room
i do smoke outside the grow room tho


Thanx @NTMAREMACH glad someone else is putting the effort in to translate I am sure it is frustrating for them as well :slight_smile: running around adding translations so people can reply also shared the translate link to hopefully make all parties less confused


No smoke damage yet. i hope it stays healthy

Cigarette smoke permeating buds sounds just as nasty as cigarette smoke permeating a human being. Cigarette smoke is nasty, try vapes instead, not so many chemicals, but still has poisonous nicotine in regulated amounts.