Chronic Widow Stretch?


@elheffe702 When I topped and set the screen I also put a fan underneath and that is when it started. I then seen on one of your threads where @Niala said you where asking for trouble by doing that ( I meant to mention that in above post) so I removed the fan and that may be what saved them. Another learning experience! At east I got a little bud…


It usually never does. It sucks to find out that things like phosphorus in excess will lock out calcium and magnesium


Have you been keeping an eye on ppm and/or done a slurry rest of your soil? You could actually be in excess of certain nutrients that will in turn lock out others. At the end of the day, don’t worry too much, I’ve seen plenty of plants turn ugly and still produce great buds. If you can narrow down what may be causing it, then you can chalk it all up as a learning experience which is worth its weight in gold.
At this very moment I’m experiencing a lot of yellowing on one of my gold leaf plants, but I’ve recently switched to organics and amended my soil before growing. So in effect I’m only feeding them pure water and tea about once every ten days so I was expecting this to turn out differently from my previous grows. I’m testing my chops a bit with this grow, so anything is game lol