Chronic Widow Stretch?


@elheffe702 When I topped and set the screen I also put a fan underneath and that is when it started. I then seen on one of your threads where @Niala said you where asking for trouble by doing that ( I meant to mention that in above post) so I removed the fan and that may be what saved them. Another learning experience! At east I got a little bud…


It usually never does. It sucks to find out that things like phosphorus in excess will lock out calcium and magnesium


Have you been keeping an eye on ppm and/or done a slurry rest of your soil? You could actually be in excess of certain nutrients that will in turn lock out others. At the end of the day, don’t worry too much, I’ve seen plenty of plants turn ugly and still produce great buds. If you can narrow down what may be causing it, then you can chalk it all up as a learning experience which is worth its weight in gold.
At this very moment I’m experiencing a lot of yellowing on one of my gold leaf plants, but I’ve recently switched to organics and amended my soil before growing. So in effect I’m only feeding them pure water and tea about once every ten days so I was expecting this to turn out differently from my previous grows. I’m testing my chops a bit with this grow, so anything is game lol


@TDubWilly I think you where on target, the Beastie Bloomz was the culprit. Then there is this…

Out of 315g roughly 60g has seeds. Well what should I expect treating them so badly, but I will make it work…TO BE CONTINUED…


@Seeddog Working on an 8 X 10 grow area, still a long way to go, but I have this

I`m going to call him Growbot


@Thelaughingwolf I really didn’t keep up with it like I should have. I gave too them much P , plus the hermie situation, but only my second indoor so learning experience


You , my friend have got something there !!! That is just crazy cool . Nice job . The mobil Growbot is awesome . I wish I had the space to do that .


I didn`t, but this is going to be transformed into my new HUT Im ready too. I have been smoking doobies left and right and liking it too!


I just had a bowl of chronic widow and I close my eyes and i see this area all cleaned up nice and neat with a great big plant growing through a huge net all being carried by THE GROWBOT . Your a lucky man .


Thank you brother and I guess we smoked together cause I had one about that time. I am going to crash until next time…


I am intrigued with your Growbot and I’m trying to envision it when it is up and running . Sorry but now I have questions . lol . What size is the fabric pot thats on the Growbot now ? What size is the top of the pipe frame ? How many plants do you plan to have on that beast ? You could take them outside for a walk in the sun . lol . Patent pending ?


They are 10 gal, the top is 40’X40’ . I plan to have only one plant per and if that extends my veg. times too long, I will try two. The PVC is 1 1/4" and there are two sch. thickness so I went with heavier schedule 40 for strength. I actually got the idea from a pic. I seen from Ca. (of course) only the ones they had where huge. If you like I can get all the measurements if my brain will defragment and let me recall.Wait I just need a BIG joint and it`ll be OK A walk in the sun would be nice and not totally out of the question. As far as patent goes I get enough weird looks already. lol. I always heard it was better to be funny than to be funny looking. but what do I know.


The Growbot is a great concept and could be built any size that best fits your grow area . I’m currently in a small 10x10 basement room with two 2x4x5 tents but I’m considering ditching the tents and making the whole room the grow room . I my state ever changes the laws I will consider my garage being the new hut and Growbots of course . I’ve been token on some autos lately and the Chronic Widow and Chronic Widow Clones has been just curing in the jars . I opened one last night and the smell was amazing and fired up a couple of bowls . Wow , It’s the best I’ve done so far .

That long cure has really brought out the terps and flavor . Keep me updated on the Growbot and have a great day .


About 1/3 of the way to having a room, still a lot to do!

at the moment all I`m doing with weed is smoking it
but I am not complaining…


That looks to be coming right along. I’m excited to see the finished room in use! :+1:


Yeah me too, I am ready to stick some in the dirt. I have cabin fever already!


OK so I seen this on another thread and just had to share

Read it slow… funniest damn thing ever well except maybe the way my wife farts when she laughs. Enjoy!
I have heard of TIKI huts but I am going to call mine a TOKI hut

Grow Bot looks at home…
and since I was feeling constructive …

A new house for the MOE. I had to use the Bic for comparison, and yes it will be insulated. Oh Yeah while clearing the space for the TOKI hut, I found this piece 10 ft. x 12 in. x.125 5056 alum. sheet and some other 3ft.x3ft.x.125 5056 and odds and ends that will make a nice QB fixture ,someday…