Chronic widow harvest, are they ready

Outdoor grow, chronic widow, , SoCal in ground since April. I harvested the rest of garden and plant except the large buds attached. Pistils still white and buds appear to be getting a little large. How soon should I harvest. Weather forecast mid 80’s the next week,Uploading: pic1.jpg…


Check your Trichomes, depending on your preference should have some Amber though, no clear.

Looks like a lot of white pistols for it being close to harvest?

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agreed, i harvested half of the plant based on flowering time 6+ weeks but maybe i’ll let these stay until they become amber. It will also let me compare harvesting at 5/6 weeks versus 8/10 weeks. Based on the pictures and my sunny weather would you guess another 2-3 weeks?

I’m still learning. But I’d guess closer to 4 just because it’s so white still.

She’s still pumping dope let er ride ride double or nothing

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Let it grow and bulk up more.

I would wait for her to mature - brown hairs and cloudy trichomes - two to three weeks should not be a problem in So. Cal. Her buds hopefully should gain more weight.

She seems to be maturing rather slowly. How much sunlight does she receive? How much Nitrogen has she been getting? How many weeks she been flowering?

She is on the NE corner, full sun, flowering started late Aug. I think I stopped feeding her too soon as she matured later than my other plants.

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She’s looking good and crstallly, she just needs more time. I would let her go 2 more weeks if weather stays good.

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