Chronic Widow, grow indoors in 1.2×1.2×2 Meters, how many plants is okay in this space?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I just bought Chronic Widow and I’m gonna grow indoors in 1.2×1.2×2 Meters. I chose to grow it Scrog style and Dwc. How Many plants is okay in that Space? And which temperatures do they live Best in?”

I have a 60x60x180cm and I squeeze 2 plants in there but it was very crowded…so I will say 2-3 big plants or 4little plants… You need a little space to work in there.


The plants are pretty flexible. If you are training them they can almost fill up any space you have, One plant I saw was 5x3 feet! That would fill most of your space. That would take a lot of work and time, though, and you would not have that time with an autoflower. Four 2x2 foot SCROGs (60x60 cm) is quite doable and might be the best option. If you were not going to SCROG, you could fit as many as eight, but your yield is a product of space and light, not the number of plants.


Well said. @1BigFella


I have 1.2 x 1.8 grow room for 4 plants. Now that the plants are big, they take up nearly all of the room. I’m doing a sort of hybrid scog with tomato plant guides which seem to work fine and it looks like plenty of bud. Some plants grow tall and slender, others have less altitude but more bushy. I have to push them around to water them or inspect. I cannot avoid brushing into them, and after I do, my clothes reek, I reek, I have to change clothes and shower. You will probably be very tight for space, even with a scrog. A small price to pay. Just sayin’. Best wishes for the best of times.

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