Chronic Widow for first indoor grow



Looks good. Lots of white pistols yet.


How long has it been flowering?


@HornHead I put them in flower at day 5o probably flowering around 4o days


@Covertgrower so I should wait till I see more orange?


You still have a few weeks left. I’d feed 1 or 2 more times, then plain ph water


Thanks everyone! @HornHead if u look through my discussion u can see my pics from a few days ago.


@Covertgrower there is some orange hairs not a lot though


I agree with waiting a little longer and they look great @Adam1981 . Once the hairs start turning it won’t be long.


@Adam1981 yes usually all of the pistils will turn orange, they will be closer to harvest window. However this is strain dependent also, so take a close look at the trichomes. This is the best indication of when to harvest more definitively.
Being bag seed it leaves some variables in question. I suspect though you have several weeks to go. That’s just a guess, based on far away shots of your flowers.


Just watered used a tad stronger nutes


It’s looking good!!


@ntmaremach @HornHead @MAXHeadRoom @Justgrowin @Poseidon @Covertgrower @Hogmaster @PurpNGold74 this is the closest I can get . first pic is bag seed 2nd pic is the chronic widow …opinions???

@MBgrower @MBgrower


It’s hard to tell, can’t really see trichs. But judging by the hairs, you’re getting close. I’d invest in a jewelry loupe and check trichomes daily


Looks real close but I usually don’t see as many white hairs. Plus when you post pictures upload only one per post so we can enlarge the image when we click on it.




It’s still hard to see. But again, judging by pistols, you have about 2 weeks left. Give or take a few days


Thanks everyone I’m gonna buy a jewelers loupe


If you are only 42 days in flower then you have about 20 days to go. Most strains flower an average of 55 to 65 days. Flowering time for Chronic Widow is 65 days according to the seed shop. Sativa will go even longer. You still have a lot of white pistils and your trichomes are not fully developed. when they are done your buds should be covered with trichomes and your buds will swell in their last attempt to pollinate. Be patient and you will be rewarded in the end. If you harvest to early you will miss out on a lot of weight.