Chronic Widow for first indoor grow

After looking and reading through the ILGM seed bank I really like the Chronic Widow strain.
How well does it do in a well lit indoor space??
I’m growing in a 4’x8’x8’ space with 2 vented 600watt IPower MH/HPS lights
Also I’ll be growing organic


Should do great in an indoor grow.

@NTMAREMACH might be able to give you more info he is currently growing this strain.

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@hillbilly103 I’ve had great success with my Chronic Widow grow which is almost ready to harvest. I plan on getting a minimum of 16 ounces from her. I’m running two 1000 watt hps lights which are cooled by two 6" inline fans to control the heat and is exhausted outside. Room size is 5X10X7.5 and I currently have five other plants in there with her. I’ve always kept the light at least 16" over the canopy of the plant. My opinion is that the plant will take up to 1000 and love you for it with a bigger yield. You should be happy with the results of the CW under the 600 watt and if you let it veg. long enough you should get close to a pound from one plant. I only sampled some early and I’m very happy. I can see growing much more of this.Here’s a picture of my CW taken the other day.

And a bud from it.


Also grew chronic widow indoors but under led great choice of strain you will be very happy


Awesome buds :heart_eyes: !!!
I have two 600watt lights both with 6" 450cfm cooling fans and ducting and will be growing 4 plants total.
Two AK47 and two CW
As time goes by I will add more lights maybe LED maybe more HID
Heat won’t be a problem as my grow is under ground.
Please post some pics of your harvest when their ready


Great man!! Just great!!
I could stare at that sucker all day.


Those better be in the bud of the month contest because you have two winners there my friend one for two different months you have great patience and great skill my hats off to you my friend I give you props


That big one is entered (2nd pic) voting isn’t up yet but I think he is a shoe in. (Stinks cause I’m going to enter this month too, boooowhoooo) lol.

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Thanks, @Hogmaster @Jmesser80 @hillbilly103 I have another CW at about day10 of flower and this strain really flowers quickly with huge buds. I’ll take a picture tomorrow. I’m doing hydro so I’m not sure if that’s why I’m doing so well. I’m also retired and have plenty of time to make sure everything is in check. Hogmaster, Yes I do have that bud entered and it was hard for me to choose between that one and one from the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. Here’s a picture of a small sample bud I cut the other day. She will be ready in a week or so also.
Jmesser80 I’m looking forward to seeing your entry. Remember if you can grow and smoke your own than you’re already a winner.


Beautiful absolutely just beautiful

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X2 Wow!! :clap:t2:


@hillbilly103 Here’s a couple of pictures I took this morning of the Chronic Widow that’s in day 11 of bloom. I believe that this plant will be bigger than the one I’ll be harvesting soon.


:1st_place_medal::trophy: Your my new hero!!

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Wanna grow on next grow. On my first so started out with the more forgiving girls and just now learning to scrog. Ad I said before wow, georgeous girl! thanks

What can I expect using 400 HPs?

So far CW is doing well here . 2 plants , 2X4 tent , Fox Farm soil . Topped and some LST . I have another different plant that accidentally got left under 12-12 lights and flowered , so I monster cropped it and is going great . My first time using SCROG . !

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@NTMAREMACH may I ask you how long you vegged your chronic widow plant? I have a chronic widow feminised plant growing right now they have been in veg for 7 weeks

I’ll get back to you on this.

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OK thanks!

Just looked and it looks like about 50 days. Remember the longer you veg the bigger the plant. I had to hang many YoYo’s to keep the branches from breaking.