CHRONIC WIDOW @first grow C.M.H & Q.B. organic soil

-7gal pots (4 plants)
-8x8 tent
-2x 6" inline fans (440 cfm each)


1x sun system 315 watt cmh w/ Phillip’s 4100k
1x vivosun 315 watt cmh w/ universelite 3100k
1x 480 watt quantum board samsung lm301h 3500k uv ir (alibaba kingbrite board)
2x 240 watt citizen cree cob led bars
(3k 4k 3k 4k)
(4k 3k 4k 3k)

Mycorrhizae, bone meal, blood meal, perlite, kelp meal, fish bone meal, Wollastonite, worm castings, basalt rock dust, gypsum, yucca, dolomite lime, alfalfa meal and humic acid.

-Bloom Top Dress Ingredients:
Crab meal, seabird guanos, oyster shell, alfalfa meal, volcanic ash, rock phosphate, fish bone meal, glacial rock dust, sulfate of potash, langbeinite, kelp meal.

COMPOST TEA RECIPE (ration 2:1 tea:water)
4 litres RO water
4 tablespoon top dress
4 tablespoon worm castings
1 tablespoon kelp meal
1 tablespoon blackstrap unsulphured organic molasses

This is my first grow I’m about 120 days in from seed.
Made every mistake there is.
Managed to keep them all alive.
I work oil patch so away for months at a time. Wife was looking after them sort of, but they got heat stressed, stopped drinking, overwatered. Took a long time to recover. Got everything dialed in now for the most part. Brought them back from the dead.

I’ll be flipping in two days.
As you can see they dont look amazing but not horrible either, considering they were all yellow and brown so I’d say they look ALOT BETTER. I’m not too concerned to be honest well get em to harvest. No worries. It’s been a fun learning curve. I’m hooked.

There is a little bit of nute burn, a bit of nitrogen toxicity on the one but because to bring em back was feeding them compost tea every watering.
Now I’m just feeding RO water.
The soils got everything in it so should be able to just drop dress the odd time from here on out with maybe some molasses for carbs and vitamins.
Im sure the girls will tell me what they need.

HERES WHAT THEY LOOKED LIKE 2 MONTHS AGO…I was on the right track, everything just fell apart due to environmental controllers failing





Welcome to our world of growing here at ILGM and to our community of awesome fokes.

Go get some Scotts Super Bloom 0-0-56 something like that just can’t remember off the top of my head but you’ll know and use it every two weeks from flip to last week and a half and just water from there and your buds will exsplod mine did lol and stop the Nitrogen just very very little she’ll take it from the leaves

B safe


mate they look awesome, if they can kick into gear flowering they will be amazing.


Apreciate the positivity @kettle @garrigan62
Heres a few more snaps of the setup


Looking good there welcome to the play house . Nice looking setup you got yourself the girls seem pretty happy the flowering will smell wonderful

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The one is talking a bit longer to recover than the others but I’d say their overall health is good enough to flip today.


What’s your environment at now?

Did you know that you can get away with about half the lighting that you are using right now while in veg? Flower changes things and you’ll Need more light then

Temperature probe for my.environemtal controller fell to the flooor. So exhaust fans wouldnt kick In. That’s why my plants almost died. Wife had no idea.what was happening. I was 5 hours in the bush for a month. So couldnt talk to her.

My heater kicks on to keep nighttime temps at 21c and in daytime my exhaust fans kick on to keep tent at 28c.
Less than a 10celcius difference.

Humidty in Alberta is around 30-40%

-My 480 watt quantum board is running at half power so 240
-My two 240 watt cree cob bars are.running at about 170 watts
-my two 315 watt ceramic metal halide fixtures are running at full power.

As for veg and bloom from
What I’ve read Veg needs roughly 500 to 700 umols and flower 1000-1500. Anything over needs co2

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I run about 200 watts in 16 square feet for veg.

My lights are at about 2.47umol/sec which puts me at roughly 500 micromoles but I have seen people run way less in flower and still be ok.

If your climate is not affected that much by your lights then stick with what youre doing but if your fighting heat in veg then it won’t hurt at all to use less lighting

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Sounds good thanks I will keep that in mind. The 8x8 tent isnt very ergonomic for me. Gonna do one more grow in it then sell it and run two 4x8s instead. Maybe even be able to fit a third one in the room

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Wow. Get down. Looks great.

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U got good light and good job on the turn around what are your temps and are your hids in sealed hoods …u have alot of fixtures without a cooling for that space alone its gonna be hard to keep temps down unless u keep it in the house and ur exhausting outside and ur house is piping cold … other then that ur doing very well for first grow u didn’t make the mistake to get greedy and over load ur space I had 13 plants in 12 sq ft my first grow lol but I’ve graduated to 9.5x9.5 flower room and I x 9.5 veg room flower room is seconding as veg space temporarily but i got 4 hlg 600 v2 rspecs Nd them things get hot when u crank them if i did not have the ac in each room it wouldn’t work for my I’m tropical climate south florida so cooling is a must… the flower room I use 7x 9.5 I lined it in vinyl shower pan and pitched to 7 ft were it pitches outside by gravity but I’m running a scrog till my perpetual racks are done 8 of these

gonna have 11 or 12 of these there 2foot by 4 foot each 4 x 4 has it’s own hlg 600 1 rack goes in and 1 rack comes out every week I have a scrog going for half the room right now till the perpetual is off and running but theres alot of prep to make it as mytotical and productive as i plan. I’m doing 14 day veg this little plant was the best weed I ever grew under the worst conditions so if I replicate its size but optimalize its environment I should he able to produce 24 of those little plants each week means 35 going in the cloner ever week 35 coming out the cloner going into the pvc with dirt those are custom pots for dirt…if I do the same thing every week I should harvest a rack and start a rack every week at the same time give or take a few variable of changing strains during the perpetual it might lengthen the last stage a little cuz I’m dealing with a few strains I’m not firmilar with but im m starting the perpetual with several strains I’m firmilial with but I will he alternating from at least 9 different strains every couple weeks to have a variety… I’m obviously not doing this for head stash I’m expecting minimum of a lb a week as much as 25+ oz a week
But I have been doing this a little over a year now and I learned alot. And I see a little of me in you to where u wanna do it right and your on the right track… remember faster turn around is better then bigger harvest more time …each plant is only gonna take about 10 11 weeks only need to get 3/4 if an oz of each plant and those single cola little plants like that focus all the energy on one main bud so the quality can’t go anywhere but there my rack makes a small plant canopy that will he similar to a full screen of green that takes a long time to fill same space with 1 plant it will take 2+ months to fill a screen before u can start flowering I’m essentially making a screen in 3 weeks with better odds of better bud and little to no larf popcorn buds


I looked through my journal and found that little plant and it was a clone takin in flower so it would have grown more if it was veg clone

that was only 10 to 14 days out of the cloner under bs light and crap nutes bare minimum… doing everything wrong that was so super fire weed I found this out by growing plants that came from a plant like this all that looks cool it just takes to longing u want quantity and quality your going to continue to make mistake until you do something fo shits and giggle so you stumble upon a plant like that… I mean really look how tiny that thing is going into flower how could it be any good… best weed I ever grew by far… I’ve done mine lines tops fims all the same exact strain infact 2nd generation of same mother clones those are clones in tomatoes cages just like the little plant same Gene’s just the small plant was 3x better in every category so instead of learning trial and error like I did maybe you can lean something from my findings and someone growing ina 8x8 isn’t smoking a joint a week or nothing ur trying to grow some real weed and a good amount of to have an 8x8


I’ll tag u in my grow so u can check k it out

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Bro, nice looking setup. Looking really good fam.

With mine i had to keep it somewhat small and manageable because I work a a drilling rig, 20 day on 10 day off schedule 6 hours from home so my wife who wants absolutely nothing to do with has to water and make teas and pinch leaves etc, check temps… so I’m not only battling my first grow, but basically doing it long distance with someone whose heart isnt in it…but I’m still having an absolute blast🤣

I do exhaust outside. Winter in Alberta canada is cold and tent is inside in my underground basement, the ceramic metal halides are only 315 each so only 630 watts of HID heat which is manageable, and that quantum board and the cree cob bars have passive and active cooling on them so even in the dead of summer the room wasnt above 29 celcius which is like 86f i think. I do have 880 cfm of exhaust and can add another 4"fan i need be I have laying around.
When those fans are on full power and theres no window open downstairs my fans will literally suck all the air from my hot water tank exhaust 3 rooms away and the pilot light goes out on the water tank

U definitely want to equal ur intake to exhaust in direct ratio … 20 days away man that’s got to hurt I do mine remotely as well its 50 miles from me I only see it 2 x a week that’s hard but the. Guy I’m doing it with dont know shit and can be hard headed and likes to ghetto rig things… I’m like bro we got 3500 dollars in lights y do wanna grow in milk jugs 8x8 is alot of space I’m really only using 8x8 for my 8 rack system the 2x4 each there is gonna be like a foot and a half play to be able to maneuver around and get to all the racks for pruning and such…but I’m gonna put them in the pvc and just let them grow no training no stunting just take off baby u got q4 days grow like the wind


Been 5 days since flip. Not home for another 5 days so cant really baby them. Just gotta let them do their thing. Wife works a full time job and raises my son while I’m at work i cant really expect her to baby them for me. Few yellow leaves left on em from when they almost died but it is what it is. Overall health is positive. She says shes been tucking a few branches under the screen as their starting their stretcch


They are coming along good, hopefully the nutes in your soil will carry you thru.:smiley: whilst you are gone .

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They coming along I guess. I’m I’m tommroow. Look forward to seeing them Again. It’s crazy how much I miss looking at them🤭 The ones pretty scraggly but it’s not a huge deal.
As long as my other three put out I could care less to be honest.
Got momma to brew up a tea with 4 tablespoons of veg top dress as well. Give em this honest dose to help with their stretch a bit then just straight water. Dont wanna overdue it.

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Pulled a bunch of dying or discoloured leaves off…They were mostly on the bottom. Their definately in the middle of flipping. Got the little hairs coming out now. They seem to be doing allright. Some seem healthier than others. Took a bunch of pics.



CITIZEN 1212 COB (3K 4K 3K 4K)