Chronic Question

I have a small Chronic photosensitive budding, and the pinkish color in the stem is now starting to showing up on the sugar leaves on the tops of the top colas. Does the color brighten as time draws closer to harvest, or does it diminish. Some of the triconomes have a pink toned too, but I would appreciate feedback because I hate not knowing things that pertain to issues/questions that arise in life. In addition, does Cal/Magnesium deficiency cause brown spots? I think it does; however, I want to be sure. I appreciate any feedback because I forget sometimes. Thank you

Photos help. Description ate nice but one person’s perspective doesn’t always translate to helping find the problem if there even is one.

Vexer, I may have confused you with my writing, or lack there of. I was asking teo questions, nor problems. I was curious if the pinkish color will stay on the bud/sugar leaves, or goes away. If you want to see a few pictures of it, the look at grow journal with the title, “I am obtuse, so send me your abuse”. Secondly, I was curious because I just gave it some cal/mag, and forgot the signs that show up on leaves. I forgot about it, but I think it’s brown spots. Thanks for your interest in my Chronic Question

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Oh now I get it. I thought you were worried about the color lol.

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Vexer, Isn’t it true communicating can be confusing in type written form, or verbal. I don’t know if you remember back in Primary school where the teacher would say to the first student, “The Dog barked”. Then the instructions were to tell the next student behind them the same message down the rows to the last student. The last student would be asked what was said, and it would be completely different. For example, The Astronaut walked on the space station to do repairs. I try to be thorough with my writing, but I can be misinterpreted easily. Thanks again for your efforts, and have a good day