Christmas Trees

Trying my first scrog.


Nice start on them, you should be able to fill that net … I saw Christmas tree and thought I’d share mine



Happy holidays

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Thanks, Gotta love Christmas.
It’s my first shot at trying the netting… I have been an outside guy all my life and thought it shouldn’t be anything too hard to do all this, boy was I wrong :pensive:. It’s a humbling thing to realize all these years I thought I was doing something but I’ve just been a watering reservoir lol. Respect to you all and Merry Christmas.


I don’t use a net so I don’t have any good tips. I’m pretty crippled up and with a net I would have to crawl around to do plant maintenance and I just don’t see this fatboy doing that lol I have to put my plants up on something to do surgery on em. I really like the way the lady Nebulahaze over at growweedeasy dot you know what explains things she is really good and I’ve seen a couple articles on using a net

Welcome to the community and Merry Christmas.

Thanks I’ll check her out. I hear ya on the pruning, I’m about in the same boat. Been a Union pipeline operator for the past 20 years or so and that’s been a Hell of a Fast Pace Industry or lifestyle I should say and the 7 days a week, go go go, took alot more out of me than I care to admit.

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Thank you Colt.:call_me_hand:

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Thank you, same to you.