Chop time? 🪓 Organic

The sweet mix. 3 plants I think are close to ready. I’m curious on feed back on the smallest plant. Gelato. It’s back right in the tent. Pictures attached. The tools seem to be fading? Light burn? Anyways… All feedback greatly appreciated.

So the weird thing is when I check trichromes… This plant has no amber! And doesn’t small much!


Here are the other plants, which 2 are the same time as the gelato. 95 days. The other plants are wedding cake and a large gelato. The green plants are Skittles .


3 plants at 95 days! Trichromes are about 10 percent amber on the two large ripe plants. No amber on the back right gelato and no smell and the smallest plant. The Skittles are weird and doing well. The front right did not flower and stuck in veg for a month. I switch her light schedule now she is about to give massive birth. And the back left Skittles had male sacks and I killed , and planted another, that’s why she is the youngest! The Skittles that did not auto flower is 95 days old starting to flower!!!


wow im shocked on the slow response to any comments! people usually love when to judge the chop!!!

Can you get some closer shots of the brownish plants? Did you defoliate them to that extent, or was there a issue like ph, or nutrient?

My gelatos also lack any pungent odor…unless cracked open, then lemony mango spice

i have two gelatos in that tent, one big one very small, they both have extreme diff. characteristics of smell and size… anyways, the smaller one never really had any leaves…but ya when cracked… very nice smells.

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Well I just had surgery yesterday so got a few other priorities lol.

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Love you brother… Heal well and fast!

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I am at a Firework Stand with shady phone service. I honestly can’t tell. The one plant, if it was in my tent, I would think it was rotted to the core and toss it. I have never seen that before.

@Myfriendis410 Get well…I am still fighting this Autoimmune disease.

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