Chop chop, inkbird itc-608t

Anyone cut the probe wires to extend them?

I’m not sure what they use, but could potentially mess with accuracy of reading. Most of the time it’s based on resistance and a splice an/or additional wire could increase resistance enough to throw out of calibration.


Ive been running the added resistance through my head and trying to come up with the least. Calibration is where ya got me👍 thanks db
I have some I believe the are 3.5mm jacks. Maybe I will solder some of them and see what the resistance of that is. If I can keep it pretty low I’ll try extension instead of cutting open new wires. How else can you hang these pickups near the grow?

@dbrn32 makes me wonder…

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Just found that, you know how we read instructions :sunglasses:

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Ain’t gonna attempt. Finally pulled the unit out and sensors and seen the jacks are 4 contact. Maybe they are only using 2 or 3 or maybe all 4 but I’m not gonna dig in to find out. All my jacks are 2 and 3.
But did Tina a decent place over head to mount controller and I’ll just drill through the wall to run sensors as close as I can to the ladies🤘