Chong’s 3rd grow

So here is my 3rd grow.

Planted 3 of these 2 muts from a not so good seed bank. The flowered like 3 to 4 weeks into veg. I am just seeing how they do in my small tent. They smell and look amazing!

2 big girls in back are GSCE

3 solo cups in fron here I got from seed s man (not sure if that’s allowed in here)

1 zskittlez
1 Gorilla Glue Expert
1 bubblegum+pro.

@dbrn32 @Hogmaster can you help me change the name of this thread and put it in grow journals?

Supposed to say “Chong’s 3rd Grow”

Thanks in advance

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Is this 3-4 weeks from the time they popped or was there additional time that you count as a seedling?

@dbrn32 from the time seed popped.

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Only asking because 3 weeks is a little early, 4+ weeks would be pretty normal.

@dbrn if it was 4 weeks it was right at 4 weeks. I’m pretty sure 3 though. I had 8 other seeds of a other strain from same seedbank and nothing even popped. I’m guessing just genetics. These little girls are only about 8 inches tall maybe?

Are they autos?

Yes they are. @dbrn32

Unfortunately they’re going to flower by time not size. Every once in a while some will want to go forever before flowering, but that’s not the norm.

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Update on girls

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@Missiles thanks

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Your welcome :wink:

@LoCoRock @IllinoisMedicalGrower @Myfriendis410

Week 7 updated pics.

I have been gone off of here for a while trying to perfect my grow and dealing with life. Thought I would drop in a shout out and add some pics

STAY SAFE, ONE LOVE :v::heart:


Alright I need some help here. Although the girls are looking good and growing well, the girl scouts are showing signs of lockout. I have been diligent in pHing my waterfrom the get go and am still getting run offs in the low 5’s I have corrected some using garden lime and gotten them atleast around 6.0+. This has seemed to be a real problem since last grow. My 2 mutts are reading low 5’s with ridiculous ppms (one was over 3000) I am only giving them bud candy, big bud and call mag. I am beginning to wonder if ffof is the problem. I feel like I should not have to be giving every plant lime. Has anyone had this problem with ffof? I am considering changing out my medium next go round, however, in the meantime is there anything I can do to correct this? I have been giving higher pH water to try to combat it with the lime
@dbrn32 @LoCoRock @Myfriendis410

I amend my soils with dolomite lime before I even put a plant in them, it’s not unrealistic to need it. The lime will provide some calcium too, so I don’t see why you need the calmag?

Realistically, your ocean forest should have been fairly depleted after about 5 weeks or so. So a really high ppm is likely from what you’re putting in. How come no base nutrients?

Your plants don’t look bad in pics above. I would take a look at getting setup with base nutrients to cover all of the plants needs, then flush down to about 500 ppm and reset with well rounded nutrient solution.


I was previously advised on some other grow thread that call mag was a must…I guess I didn’t realize the lime would provide calcium as well. I was giving sensi-grow/bloom until my ppms were getting too high I recently cut back what I was giving to try to let them take what they needed before I continued to give more. Should I flush them now to get those numbers down?

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Let the pots dry out first for sure.


Great advice.


Please help!!! Girls have been perfect up until I saw this. Got these girls pH on the money. Now I don’t know wtf is going on here

@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @PurpNGold74