Chomping at the bit- 9 weeks

9 week old northern, how much time is left ,i ask because iam trying to time the flush(stop giving nutes). Was going to feed sat9 or Sunday. Any thoughts/opinions. Thanks


Nice looking plant you have there.

I still see a lot of white pistols. They should be 90% or more amber/orange when the plant is close to harvest.

They can seem like it takes forever to finish. Be patient it will pay off.


@Tinman, what do the trics look like? Clear, cloudy, any amber?

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Not seeing any amber yet, having a hard time focusing in on trics

@Tinman, you need to use a jeweler loupe to get a close up.

I have one, 40x and 60x, just having a hard time with the 60Ă—

@Tinman, wait for the pistols to get more of a reddish brown color and 30% of the trics to go amber.


Beautiful plant you still have three weeks I still see a lot of white hairs. Be patient finishing up let those buds get dense and fat. My experience with the Northern Lights takes a little time to get them finished but well worth it. Good luck


amnesia 9 weeks blue berry 9 weeks, here’s my others


Top pic 4th post up … that bud has nanners…
Clear as day with that magnifying glass…
Pluck those off with tweezers…


@RockClarke I talked to one of NC representative earlier in the week Raleigh been on break this week he was into him at the local gym he seems to think within the next two years medical for North Carolina . We’ll see I hope

What are nanners lol @peachfuzz

Your plant is trying to make seeds…
Those little yellow things that look like bananas , are male pollen and if you don’t pluck them off before they open , your plant will start to make seeds…
Its trying to self pollinate … :wink:


What causes such a thing

@kellydans, I was at a local Hydro store in Greensboro, NC a month ago. The agricultural rep for NC was there b4 I got there. He said it’s gonna be in the next year that it happens. By the way, the guys that work at the store, are already growing weed there in 2 tents. I was REALLY surprised to see them. One tent had 5 huge plants already in flower. The other tent had 4 plants in Veg. And, at the check out, they had 7 clones under a light. All of these plants were from a strain called … SPECTRUM.

Also… are you in NC???

Could be genetics , could be stress , could be a light leak…
Some times the plants will do this at the end of there life cycle just to make sure it can live on as a new seed , but if its genetics , this usually wont happen till your close to the end of flower…
Your plants still look young , so I would lean towards either stress or a light leak in your situation… :wink:


They are autos, could it be from going in there when lights are out and i turn on a regular led

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I would say the plants were low THC strains considered hemp.I also seen that around my location. I’m in WNC about an hour west on I-40 keep your fingers crossed brother.

I will assume that WNC would be Winston???