Choice of a container

Hi all, new grower, starting 3 plants that are about 10cm/4” high. I’m growing on my balcony, fairly discreet, but I can’t have 1m or 3’plants.

I am thinking about using a large shallow tray for one of my plants. The dimensions are ~60cm diameter 10cm high, rated 20Liters or roughly 5gal…

Reason for that is to keep the plant very low, and want to Low Stress Train the plant to nicely turn around the tray. I could sort of slope the soil from center out, making the capacity of 30L/7gallons.

My question is, are there some possible problems with growing in a shallow low container for the roots or the plant?
Does it have to be a high, standard pot?

I could have a very low, bushy plant that could “turn in a circle”, low to ground and stay maybe 50cm/2’ max high?
What do you people think?
Thanks for any info

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I have not had good luck with a shallow container my roots were not to good and the yeild was not that good for me. I used a 5gal air pot and made my plants circle out at 6 in above the soil. You could get a lower profile with a little hydro set up.
If you can run electric on your balcony or if it has a outlet. Just something to consider

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Silly question here but what you going to do about the smell???

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Well I thought of that and honestly I don’t know how much smell 3 plants?
Should I worry?

I got the plants on top of a roof of a 3 storey building…my “private roof” :joy:

I guess I’ll skip the shallow pot…

Electric lights etc are out of question. I’m growing also 7 tomato plants that serve as a camouflage.

Kinda if it’s a skunk strain you can smell it outside the front door of the house. The do have low order strains. I just said electrical if you were going to go hydro. If it’s a tar roof and its 80 degrees on the side walk it will be well above 100 on the roof i lost 30 purple kush plants because of that dumb mistake thought the ventilation fan and the partial shade would work. The next concern is if your not in a 420 friendly state is helicopters thc has the highest uv rating in the plant kingdom makes it easy for the fuzz to find.
What about your neighboring building can they look down into your grow area???
Look I’m not to be mean but the better you plan the better your chances of success are. I wish some one did this with me when i started out

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Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it…and it’s nice you give a beginner some advice.

Actually, nobody can “see” my plants, my building is a few meters above the rest of the buildings on my street, I basically look on their roofs, same level or above.

No helicopters either. No budget to look for a plant on a roof with a helicopter. Also I built a fence on the sides so nobody can see inside my garden.
The roof are tiles, no tar, it’s pleasant to sit up there.

My main fear is the smell since you mentioned it…how much do three plants smell? 2 super silver and 1 Durban poison.

Also I got nice organic soil from local garden shop that specialises in cannabis and organic planting.

While you can grow large plants in shallow trays its probably not the best thing to do in your situaution. The small trays outside on a rooftop will overheat very quickly and also need constant watering as the plants root system grows. I would use a light coloured plastic pot with extra drainage holes pierced in the bottom and sides to improve drainage and air circulation and then wrap some hessian material or shadecloth around the side of the pot to provide shade and lower the rootzone temps. Use a larger pot for photoperiod plants and 5 to 10 gallon size for autos.To keep the height low bend the main stem and tie down and keep bending. A cannabis plant grown horizontally looks nothing like what most folks percieve a plant to look like and it will also increase your yield.Not much you can do about the smell outdoors, but if your plants are not visible from surrounding buildings I think you should be fine. Good luck mountainman1

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Thanks mountainman1
I was really happy to discover the LST method because there’s no way to grow high plants, like over 3’ or 1 meter high where I live, but a plant sculpted low is great.

I got those fabric pots, 7gallon/30l capacity. I am pretty much around all the time, so I can watch, water and protect the plants from bad weather and bugs etc…
Just that smell worries me…


Those air pots are great they have solar fans and you could plant some lavender or some flower with a big smell and you should be okay. On your second grow try to combine knuckling and lst on one plant it works well but takes practice and patience and pays off in time good luck

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My plant is only about 18-20 inches tall coming out of a 7 gallon fabric pot. I top and lst mine, with some supercropping going on. I don’t have any pics on my phone. Check out the grow journal it’s here I go again

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