Chocolope very slow flowering

Hey guys please see the pics, admittedly i grow in a tropical climate in a shed so rh aint gonna drop below 60% on a good day.

Temps are goodas it is winter now, 24 day and 15 night on average

Lights 2 x 240w led full spectrum quantum boards, powered by meanwell dimmable 240w drivers.

Autopot watering system.

Canna classic flores A and B, 2ml/L each.

pk supplement 2ml/L

general cal mag iron supplement 1ml/L

Cyco enzyme 1ml/L

E.c. has not gone over 1.9ms in that higher range I noticed a bit of burn so i have dialled it back to around 1.7ms this week.

I am growing feminised chocolope, both from ilgm. I have 2 distinct phenos.

They are at week 6 in flower now and they just seem to be taking for ever to thicken up, still very sparce, is there something I’m missing?

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Sorry i have to add

Ph- between 5.5 and 6 the whole grow

Temps are Celsius some days have been up to 27 in winter, however mostly between 24 and 26 c.

What medium are u in is it soil or coco. Soil should be around a 6.t to 6.8 and coco hydro ect is like a 5.8 ph. Might be at a time the roots are growing a bit more. They have stall periods where root zones stretch out to support the plant weight.

Need to bring the ph up a bit,if in soil, Also need to bring humidity down, if possible.

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6.5 is a decent ph in soil an 40 to 50 % humidity, any higher humidity chances of bud rot when they get larger. Air flow is very important as well.

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I am running hydro in perlite and vermiculite mix with the auto pot system, humidity is the only thing i cant change as i am in a shed in a tropical climate… i have plenty of air circulation and flow is good

Anyone else have any ideas?

I was just assuming that was the way they were. This chocolope and strawberry cough are the same age.

Chocolope still all white, cough is getting close. These where flipped 8 weeks ago. The chocolope definitely took it’s time in transition. Which makes mine about 5 weeks into flower. Don’t forget to account for a 2-3 week transition between veg and flower. Then the chocolope can take 10 weeks. I flipped this one right out of seedling, probably take 16 weeks total to finish. This is also a chocolope flipped same day, two week longer veg. Stunted before flip but transitioned a little faster. Not much. I already harvested an SLH flipped on the same day too. Chocolope just slow


Yeah fair enough, thanks Budz, i may just be getting a bit too excited, the smell coming off them is something special, akin to a fruit market with a coffee barista out the front… so looking forward to smoking

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The strawberry cough really smells like strawberries. But as it’s my most indica strain so imma let it get a good bit of amber. Can’t wait to taste it and the chocolope. The slh I took once cloudy to get a good working buzz. Used to smell the chocolope when opening the tent, has been almost taken over by strawberries. Think a strawberry chocolope would be amazing, like a chocolate covered strawberry.



They’ve come along a fair bit in 12 days since first post, this is week 8 now

Getting more pronounced red petioles but they look healthy over all so not too worried…


@HollyHo fyi on chocolope

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@Budz that sounds amazing!! I need that right neeoow.

@fishlipzzz how long since 12/12?

Nevermind I see you said 8 weeks. Is that since you flipped them or after stretch? I just count from the time I flip. I’m in the fourth week of flower on mine. I also topped them twice and lst & defoliate the shit out of them so mine are a lot shorter. My tent is only 5ft I think. With the lights and ventilation it’s just too crowded to let them get too tall.

Here’s a pic of all three. Left to right: SC, Choc, SLH

Thats from the time i switched light schedule

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@fishlipzzz youre way ahead of me! :joy:

Week 9 and 1 day now, the more coffee smelling pheno on the right is actually getting pretty close to harvest, maybe 1 week? Some trichrome shots below, the other on the left is certainly stacking on some weight and keeps powering on throwing up white hairs all over the place, i guess i should eat my own words here as they seem to be right on time at the moment… for what its worth i’ll probably now just update this thread with a weekly entry from now through to harvest


Here are trichrome shots for the one on the right

If anyone has any advice on harvest times please chip in

Much appreciated, a small fish noob


Finished a chocolope about 2 months ago it smells like coffee mocha chocolate. Produced 13oz in a 5 gallon pot flowered for 11 weeks 6 days. Has massive nugs and is very potent. Good luck