Chocolope twins Therapy!

I haven’t been throwing on too many pics to bore ya. The golden girls are 1 week old today. The Chocolope twins will be 1 month on Friday. Everything’s chug’n along, I moved the LEDs up to 33"s and installed the AC thus weekend. So w/ no further ado - The Chocolope twins…


Wow… 2 weeks I’ve been away from the site… but like any crazy X you can’t get away from- SITE IM BACK…couple lil pics of the ladies… I guess the 2 small gold leaf are what almost 3 weeks now? I think the Chocolope girls are 6 weeks or something like that and little over 2’

. soooo much has happened in life lately, I’ll catch up later but I’m off to paint my mom’s house. UGH


BTW what’s up @fano_man, @Budbrother
Sorry bout the Ravens @PurpNGold74

What’s up brother I’m bout ready to swap clones

Root me 2 I’ll root u 2 or what ever how many strains u got

Just the gold leaf n Chocolope right now… @fano_man !!! Gold leaf isn’t nearly ready only like 3 weeks now, but I could do 1 or 2 of the Chocolope.

I’ll take a chocolope wha th u want ww from ilgm purple haze or monster cookies

I’ll trade beans if you want

We can definitely do beans… I got a couple choc n gold leaf…my Chocolope twins are in pre flower now…

Do you have anyones email address on here …mine are bag seed grow great weed but I’ll give you 6 for 2 since there regular seeds tho

Cool @fano_man when we doing it. We can hook up this weekend

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I dont see why not what u wanna do meet some where public and burn a fatty first to get that smoke cleared so to speak lol and well figure it out from there

I got flagged earlier when I put my email up …I did it code like… or so I thought!!! Lol… @fano_man

Yea we jus agree on a public place see eachother do the nod and proceed to a new location follow in vehicles u follow me vica versa to the beach or so.ething and burn one talk in person

All the girls took well to a little a bit of bending, they get flipped this weekend!

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I figured it was time…

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did the 12 flip February 1st… nice easy # to remember I guess… the twins germ’d December 4th - almost 8 weeks …Gold Leaf Christmas day. So nice big comparisons of age n size to gauge. 5 week GL vs 8 week Chocolope of veg.

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I also ended up bending them over another tug got the big choc. from 28" to 20" ish… after 1 week growing vertical she’s back to 26" uh oh

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