Chocolope twins Therapy!

The twins seem to be enjoying themselves! They sunbathed outside in 75 degree south Florida sun a few short hours today. Gave them a lil foliar spray and love before heading to my buddy’s 6 yrs old daughters funeral. Life has a way of gut checking you when you think times are bad. Live life to the fullest and don’t hold on to grudges fellow growers. Life is just too short!!


My condolences to you and your friend!

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Thanks @Midwestnewbie it was a tough one. New to indoor I find myself dedicating a lot more time with the girls then growing outside. It has been such a stress reliever. I’m glad I finally leaped and built my room & twice as happy finding this site.


You’re a 100% percent correct I never knew how much our garden could help us on many different levels. This site is top notch and the people are phenomenal.


Little morning Glory bathing w/ some fish emulsion mist. I’m sure they’ll start drinking more but only watering every 5 or 6 days. I noticed 1 of the leaves never split fully.
And looky here new Gold Leaf popping up… I am now 4 for 4 with ILGM genetics.:+1:


Merry X- Mas. Puff puff


IMG_20181227_082001460_HDR The golden girls look ready to go house shopping today. Yes a lil Stretch Armstrong looking but they dont mind!!

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I haven’t been able to read a book in like a month because of this dang forum. I’m pretty sure I’ve read 3/4’s of this entire website! Dang you Bergman!!!:sunglasses:


Alright let’s do this!!! The hydro guys be like -:yum:


For mixture about IMG_20181227_104130211 perlite & this much

dirt and this much peat moss

Why the peat moss? Did you wash the MG perlite first?

Ya I popped holes in the bottom and ran a hose thru it when I first used it 3 months ago maybe. I honestly add a pinch of peat moss cause I forget to water…lol my production is nothing like yours @Budbrother!!! I don’t really train them either…

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of its use for outdoor growing here in FL. It kinda screwed me this year with all the rain we had. I can get behind your reasoning.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky but being clean is the key I think. I use my fish tank water, I love bringing the girls out for fresh air. Super unorthodox, it’s too windy today though!!!

I used to take advantage of the sunny days too, until I got a spider mite infestation in my tent. I have dealt with them outside for years. I hat them lil buggers! Good luck with the twins. I’ll be watching :sunglasses:

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IMG_20181227_111755450 IMG_20181227_114253148 so Bergmann’s golden goose aka golden girls aka golden leaf are in their forever home! They are only in 3.6 gal pots since they will be 3 weeks behind the Chocolope twins. Let’s see what happens!!

Her first funeral. She has now experienced the loss of a loved one! ! She was a great cotyledon!IMG_20181227_115202415

I am somewhat serious…IMG_20181227_115927726

well the Amazon x-mas gift cards are used up, bought another 1000W LED .

My stupid ass hadn’t raised the lights in a while & scorched the girls ever so slightly. They have been growing about an inch a day & that’s what you get for NOT being 100% on your game. You must think like a flower. LMFAO