Chocolope preflowers yellow in center

Two feminized Chocolope plants, now about 3.5 months from germination. Started flower stage about 1-2 weeks ago. First plant looks normal, very green and looks like other strains I’ve grown. Second plant looks identical, but all the buds/sugar leaves are yellow in the center and green on the edge. Plant seems healthy and vibrant, but this is happened if throughout the plant whereas her sister has stayed green. Advice?

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Welcome to the Canna-Fam Growmie :call_me_hand::metal: we’ll need some info on your grow to help assist you with the situation. Looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me.

What type of info?
Ok, here’s what I recall-

I germinated in soil on 04/20.

The soil I’ve been using is a mix of potting soil, manure, compost, and perlite. It’s been in a 10gal fabric pot since it was 6”.

It’s been grown primarily outside since it was put in the 10gal pot. I live in CT so New England weather, though it has been exceptionally wet this year leading to some bud rot on the autoflowers I harvested 3 weeks ago.

For the last week, I have been bringing it inside at 8pm and putting it out at 8am. On rain days, I’ve been keeping it inside under various grow lights.

3-4 weeks ago, I noticed yellowing leaves near the bottom and started adding some fruit/vegetable fertilizer 2-3x/week. Today I switched to ILGM flower mix fertilizer. Before 3-4 weeks ago, I was just watering it, no additives.

1 week ago I pruned the yellow fan leaves from all my plants and they seemed to handle it fine.

I noticed this color change a couple days ago as the flower stage started kicking in. As seen in the photo, it’s sister plant, which has been treated identically, is green throughout.

What else?

Looks like an iron deficiency to me. If you GOOGLE cannabis iron deficiency images, you’ll see photos of plants that look just like yours as well as links to treatments. Any time I see a deficiency, I’m going to check the pH in the root zone to make sure that’s in the ideal range, too high or too low is going to lock out specific nutrients.

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I had this happen on a bruce banner.

I did nothing and she grew very large. Just genetics.

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