Chocolope plant question

I planted a Chocolope fem indoors August 8th. On the Chocolope seed description it states the following: “Flowering Time
When cultivating the Chocolope strain of cannabis in an indoor environment, the grow space must be well-ventilated to avoid molds and mildews. Your plants will be ready for full harvest in about 9-10 weeks”. Does the 9-10 weeks mean from seed to harvest or from the time it starts flowering?


From the time you change the light cycle I believe


Usually this is from the time you first notice signs of the plant flowering.



The mention of weeks is only regarding the blooming period, but after the stretch that comes once you’ve changed the photoperiod. So at the end, after you put your lights at 12/12hrs, your plant will strech to confirm it has understood the light cycles were changing, and once this period is passed, you can count 9-10 weeks of flowering!

Notice: it doesn’t mean you have to harvest exactly 10 weeks after, because regarding on how you treated your plant during the first phases of the plant, it can be longer!

@EiffelSmoker…thanks everyone, I was never sure of what that stated fact meant. I have two chocolope plants and one Northern lights. The northern lights is daily loosing leaves, I put in some Dyna-Gro Gro-008 Grow 7-9-5 Plant Food to combat it. Doesn’t seem to help so I’m hoping the energy is leaving the leaves and going into the buds.


Regarding the process in which your plant is right now, you shouldn’t lose leaves … Besides that, is your plant green in overall? Or can you see coloured stains?

@EiffelSmoker. The bottom leaves started turning yellow while in veggie state and have continued to yellow while flowering. It might be the northern light plant, not sure because I got them mixed up when I replanted the seedlings. The northern light seed came off an outdoor stressed plant from two summers ago.

Well then, I sugget you put some extra nitrogen to make sure it’s not a simple deficiency in this element. If not, check on the web the leaves diseases of cannabis and verify you don’t see similarities with yours.

Besides, maybe help your plants putting some tutors around ? It’ll help the plant to dedicate its energy in its cure or development, and not in just standing straight.

Keep me posted

@EiffelSmoker lSmoker '
according to the chart, my plant is lacking maganese or potassium, what’s the cure for that?

Manganese (Leaves turning slowly yellow with brown spots/areas in the middle of the leaf?) if so, bad luch, it’s not the most common deficiency…

If that is, rince well your plant and cut off the infected leaved.
You need to determine is you are in excess or if some manganese is missing, and you’ll know this regarding the pH you have, if it is higher than 6.0, the manganese is not received by the roots.

Potassium (Brown/Yellow colouring at the tip and borders of leaves?)

If that is, check your lamp first, because if they develop a high potency and are too close from the plant, it will burn the leaves. To check that, put your plant further from the lamp than usual and test out how they live it.

If it is not the lamp, then it should be the salt accumulation that block the process.You should rince off your plant with a ph neutral water, and once salts are left, make your new soup with half the dosis to not stress your plant. Always make sure your pH values are good when you water: 6.0-7.0 in soil medium, 5.5-6.5 pH for Hydro and coco.

Make sure you determine the good nutrient deficiency/excess, because a wrong prognostic will only make things worst!

@EiffelSmoker. This morning I added Foxfarm liquid plant food, “Big Bloom” and another dose of Dyna-Gro 7-9-5. First plant TDS are 666 with PH 6.7.
second plant TDS 722 with PH 6.6
Third plant TDS 749 with PH runoff of 6.7.
All the buds look good, did’t see too many yellow leaves this morning.

These are too big for me to lift out and take picture in natural light.IMG_2023|669x500IMG_2026IMG_2024

Without natural light, hard to tell which is the deficiency, but from what I can see, they don’t look so bad actually!!

If you have any doubt or if you see any yellow/brownish stains, just rince off well with clear water to make sure the illness is not spreading if it is still in your plant!

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