Chocolope not flowering

From a fellow grower: I got Chocolope seeds from you. none of them are flowering. it was on 24 hrs, changed to 12 hrs, other plants are in flowering, none of the chocolate i got from you are not even sexing, I’m at 10hrs of light now, doing hydro, food cycle is in bud mode, but they just keep growing

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You may have to fim it, to stop the growth until u can flip it. Just a thought.

Are your Chocolope seeds photo-period or autos? How long since sprouting?

A support ticket may give folks the information needed to be really helpful.

I grew Chocolope twice… pretty sure they don’t offer them in autos yet! … has it been two weeks since you flipped from 24 hours. They are gonna preflower soon, give it time.


I really think 12/12 will flower them. Give it time. Are there any pictures of them?

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