Chocolope indoor grow


Hello everyone, I’m new here and am extreme newbie at growing cannabis. I’ve been into agriculture for some time now and love it immensely. I have, however, developed some rather intense feelings for growing some creativity sparking cannabis. In comes chocolope, with it being 90% sativa, I’m thinking it’s the one. My question is, what would be a good grow setup? I will be growing 1 plant at a time until I get my experience and science all dialed in. But I want to really have a great grow so any and ALL help is welcome! Thank you to all!



First welcome to ILGM

The first thing you need to do is read Robert Bergmans book ( It’s Free ) just click this link.

I also put a link for his guides

Then come back you’ll have more knowledge with better questions.
I also have many links to things you’ll need.
But check thoughs links okk
I look forwad to helping you in your first grow



Good morning, I would first like to say thank you for responding to my post and for being so quick to give me access to such great information. Unfortunately, I have tried now 5 times to input my email to receive the grow Bible to no avail. I was hoping there could be a way to email it to me directly? I have no issue posting my email if you need it. I just really really want to learn more about growing!


Check your spam folder. I had the same problem until I went in and allowed mail from ILGM.

Good luck and welcome to the forum…


Thank you @, your most likely right about the spam folder.

@Growgeek, Welcome to ILGM please check out our lounge. There is no grow relstepd quepstions asked there. We just get to know eacmh betobetoter.

Anyway…if you want to message me and I’ll email you the link.

Will. o


Hello @FloridaSon and thank you garrigan for the helpful places to go. I eventually received the grow Bible. I have read it in its entirety. Also watched all the videos and read all the basic skills modules. I have a question to ensure that I have the right idea when it comes to ventilation. I’m going to be SCROGing 1 chocolope with 2 60w CFLs for seedling, a 600w MH bulb for veg, and a 600w HPS for flower. I know these bulbs get hot, hotter still in a 4x4 grow tent. The ventilation system I would like to out in is a 6" duct system. Attached to a carbon filter, pass over the lights to draw out the heat, and out the window. I have seen where you could blow the cooler air in from outside and another dedicated fan for the exhaust and filtration system however, I feel that that is a bit unnecessary and overkill. I want to be sure that this would suffice in keeping the temps where they would need to be at. I will also be keeping 2 fans in the tent, 1 smaller one for seedling and veg and for the later stages to keep the under canopy air circulating and another larger one to move the air above the canopy throughout the day. Is this sufficient? Is there anything different that you would do? Also, I’m going to be using Fox Farms Nutrients with a couple extras like root booster and beneficial bacteria and fungi, I will be using tap water with a PH and TDS meter to ensure I stay in the area I need to stay at as far as PPMs and PH go. Also I’ll be using a 75/25 mix of Coco coir/perlite.


Sounds like you’re ready to go dude! You won’t know for sure about temps until you set it all up and do a dry run, but you’re already on the right page! Very good job reading and researching to figure it all out ahead of time. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


I can tell you followed my lead. Good job. Not to many take the time. But you did and it payed off. No that is not over kill it’s called being smart !
You’ll be surprised how much heat those lights put out.
As @ktreez420 said get your room setup and do at least two dry runs.
I’m looking forward to your first grow.



Thank you for the compliment @garrigan62 I definitely appreciate it. Since I’m not just MADE of money, haha, I was going to setup the entire grow tent, with light BEFORE I even put a lady in there. That being said, I will definitely incorporate the second dedicated fan, if need be to accommodate for the heat. I do have a T5 that I used to grow my vegetable crop last year, but I found that the intensity of the lights just doesn’t have the penetrative effect like MH or HPS. Any other pieces of advice? I’m also not going to be growing until early next year, I know I know. But I really really like to plan ahead.


Morning all, just wanted to say I got my seeds yesterday, pretty frickin great. Gonna place them in a bag in the freezer until I’m ready to use them, while I gather all my necessary equipment. Haha, man that felt great to see that package!