Chocolope indoor grow (1 plant)

Currently waiting on 5 feminized Chocolope seeds from ILGM, purchased them on 3/9 so I’ve got around a week of preperation before they arrive. 600w MH/HPS lights; growing in organic potting soil with worm casting as well as some soil from my garden outside mixed together; mixing compost, molasses, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, urine, and rain water set for three days and bottled for fertilizer (also have some other things I use but they aren’t included in the fertilizer tea). Temperature in the grow room stays at 28°c for the high and doesn’t go below 16°c at night. Will be Lst’ing, topping, and Scrog’ing this plant. I’m currently growing an auto flowering blue dream for practice before I get my actual babys here and she is growing great, currently on day 2 of flowering.


Hello, please let me know about the photo better

Photo… Are you talking about my Chocolope seeds cause they’re photos and not autos?

The Chocolope cannabis strain was created by the marijuana seed company DNA Genetics. They crossed two different strains to create Chocolope, which are:

Chocolate Thai Sativa
Cannalope Haze Sativa

By mixing these two sativa strains together, the group was paying homage to the various Chocolate strains made very popular during the 1980s. Chocolope is a very chocolatey flavored sativa. Its scent will fill the room with the invigorating scent of strong coffee while delivering a dreamy, euphoric high.

Here are some pictures of the auto flowering feminized blue dream I’ve been practicing with before I started growing my Chocolope. Going to switch to ten gallon breathable pots for the final transplant with those. Although my five gallon bucket with half inch holes drilled into the side works great… So far.

My scrog net (1 inch holes)