Chocolope and other high yielders grow journal!

This is going to be my first grow journal which will start with my setup in this message. I will list all of my materials and such, but won’t go into the more detailed aspects of the grow like how I germinated my seeds, etc. So without further ado:
Chocolope, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Gold leaf

Scrog for all 4

Spectrum King SK600 LED - main light
2 60w CFLs for supplemental light (if need be) and for seedling stage.

Gorilla Grow tent 5ft x 5ft x 8ft tall


Ventech 440CFM rated inline fan with 6" exhaust with virgin charcoal filter
6" ducting for passive airflow into the grow tent with fine screen clamped and taped on to keep bugs out.


Full line of Remo Nutrients


80% Coco coir

20% perlite

Water source:
Tap water for now, will be getting an RO filter later on.

I will be growing these in 40 gallon smart pots, starting from 4 inch pots then direct transplant to the big boy, no point in adding more steps, it doesn’t help really.
Also have a temperature and humidity gauge with high and low to record fluctuations throughout the day, PH meter, TDS meter, light timer, space fan for additional air movement and light breeze, along with dedicated pruning shears with alcohol wipes to clean them with to ensure that the girls stay healthy when they get a trim. I will be giving weekly photo updates of the girls when I start in the coming weeks. I’m still doing dry runs right now, just to get everything perfect. Every week I will post how much I used in my nutrients, what nutrients I used, before and after watering PPM and so on and so forth. Looking forward to this New year grow!


Remo nutrients good.

You need more light for all that.

OK, thank you for the advice. What would you recommend?

40 gal pots? that seems a bit drastic, never heard of anyone growing indoors using bigger than a 10 gal

I’m using the 40 gallon smart pots because I like my plants being able to get as tall and gigantic and tricholicious as possible not being limited by what they are growing in. Might bring it down to 20 or 25 gallon though.

I have basically the same size room as your tent. 4 plants will fill that space nicely. By using those enormous pots you may need more room. I went with 3 gallon pots but I’m already seeing I should have gone with at least 5 gallon (live and learn). I’m not sure if you need more light or not (I’m not an expert). I can tell you that I’m using two 300w LED grow lights and it seems to be working nicely for me, check out my grow journal (Amnesia Haze Autoflower - LST ).

Good luck with your grow.


I definitely appreciate the input @Masshole, this garden is going to be intense. At least, I’m hoping so. Just gotta keep thinking like I did when I was traditionally farming. Don’t overdo it, let mother nature and the plant do its thing. It’ll tell you if it needs something.


I use 15 gal smart pots but will go to 10 gal or 7 gal next grow I feel that the 15 gal is over kill just my opinion


Awesome, well I’ll give the 25 gallon guys a shot and see how the root mass turns out and I’ll be sure to upload the pics and thoughts on it too. Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971

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With a pot that big you won’t be watering to often maybe 1 time every week and a half
With my 15 gal it takes about that long for my soil to dry but I’m using 100% organic soil

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Perfect, that’s what I want. Some big Christmas trees Scrogged with good support in a growtent making some crazy sticky frosty nugs. :+1:


Talking about not having to water as much @Countryboyjvd1971 because it then gives me more time to focus on other things. Like maintenance and climate control

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Yeah that was my thought process also
Lol :+1:


Wow that’s a Big setup, ypu yer gonna need more light, Definetley gonna watch this one !!

Morning @FyshhTrap just wanted to share this link with you and everyone else in this thread and see what you and everyone thinks, this is the par output for the light I’ll be using with respective heights above the canopy.

A video to help put some details of the light I am using out there for you guys.

Wow good for you if you got that kind of coin to drop on lights :+1:
They look awesome

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That’s a nice light, I’m no light geek at all, but if I bought one < I’m gonna watch inside the garden next

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