Chocolope and Goldleaf joined by a Psycho, the next generation

For the third round in the GreenThunder tent, we have Goldleaf in one corner and Chocolope in the other. GL has taken a strong lead right out of the gate, while one of the Ch tapped out (not to worry, a replacement is in the wings, I mean water!)

Goldleaf1 is six days old

Chocolope1 sprouted today

They will grow in coco in 5 gallon smart pots and fed NFTG nutes. As soon as the SD clones are harvested (hopefully in the next couple weeks) then the text gen can move in.
The tent is 4.5x4.5x6.5 and is powered by 1000w HPS which is cooled by a 6" intake fan.

Drip tray in the tent.

The coco

Free sample pack

This has been great for watering, we now have 4 of them!

I’ve found the NFTG nutes need very little pH adjustments, but I’ll still keep an eye on it. Always remember to keep your pH meter hydrated. If it dries, it dies.

One last thing… after suffering a couple of broken branches, I put together a first aide kit (strips of duct tape, ready to grab and slab, among other things)


Hey, I just finished this combo as well. Good growing ahead!


Set to watching @GreenThunder!

Is that a chocolate chip cookie in your first aid kit? :rofl:


Gotta have all the essentials :grin::sweat_smile:
I had to study the pic to see what you see… it sure does look like a cookie but it’s a rock :unamused: so don’t try to eat it! :laughing:

The other side


Your all set and ready to go. I didnt like the tupur myself, first time using coco. I may retry it some day.

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When I bought the coco I intended to get soil (because I didn’t know about coco) The cashier at the grow supply shop was new and didn’t know anything about the products. It wasn’t until my plants had been planted that I discovered what I had… then I researched and was glad for the mistake. I like that you can’t over water in coco because I’m sure I would in soil.


@GreenThunder awesome sauce if ya dont mind me following your grow, this would be the first to follow lol

But I litterally JUST had this happen to me yesterday. I walked in as usual and picked up what I thought to be potting soil because the bag looks exactly the same and noticed a lighter Brown color by the time I was done transplanting my 2nd plant. I was CoCo’d…:joy::joy::joy:


Welcome! The more the merrier :grin:

At first I was annoyed that the employee didn’t know but I’m really glad for the discovery. :sunglasses:

@GreenThunder interested…I’m finishing GL now and Chocolope will be in my next run. If you have any questions just drop me a tag and I will help if I can. Good luck on your grow.

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Goldleaf is far quicker than Chocolope… those are growing so slow :disappointed: But they are still growing so that’s good :blush:


GL is a beast. I had to break mine multiple times so they wouldn’t outgrow the others. You can’t hurt them :slight_smile:


Chocolope 3 is sllllooooowwwlllllyyy making her way out of the shell. When I peeked in on her earlier I was sure she’d bit it. But just in case, I gave her a little drink (water + dr root) and now she’s shedding her shell!! I can see root hairs and the leaves all curled around each other… it looks like a bit of membrane still encases them :green_heart::seedling:


Why hello there little lady :slightly_smiling_face:. She’s ready to see the world now :sunglasses:


And here’s the happy little gal this morning…

Edit: tapped reply instead of upload :persevere:


Tonight she’s showing the tips of her first true leaves already!!



The Goldleaf were getting pretty lanky and there wasn’t any more space to build up the coco around the stem so I transplanted into 1 gal smart pots. They were roughed up a bit in the move but I think they survived. I was a little worried I may have snapped the root on the first one but so far no drooping :+1:


Chocolope got repotted into 1 gallon temporary felt pots today.

Both have a good root base.

Happy girls hanging out by the window for a bit while things are moved around.


The GL twins are not to be left out :wink:


I tried to supercrop the goldleaf but it just keep popping back up

So I added some ties. Penny took to it like a champ

Marilyn is a little reluctant

LST GL twins