Chocolope, Amnesia Haze, Skywalker OG - ready to harvest?

These were all sprouted from ILGM seedlings on 11/29/2018. I definitely need to learn how to “top” … (chocolope and amnesia haze) … they turned into freaks, but there is mad ounces on just that one Chocolope main stalk? it’s as big around as a coke can) … skywalker OG is in front and is a little squat bush compare to those freaks … but looking very good too … any recommendations on anyone else growing these 3 strains would be most appreciated.


Light sabers!

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lol i resemble that remark

raise the short bush up closer to the light.!

looks like a few weeks left to go until harvest.

odd how the 2 plants had a dominant branch, kinda neat looking tho.!


Looking sweet, have a skywalker otw so will definitely be watching out for that dominant cola trying to take over. Thanks for the heads up!:+1: let us know how the smoke is once she’s bagged and tagged.

I’ve taken one good-sized bud from each of these - to sample - after curing a bit :wink: I’ve already sampled the Amnesia Haze a few days ago and it is incredible. This is my 4th grow (1st with seed) and it has exceeded all of my expectations. Leaves are all still green and healthy and buds continue to grow. I could harvest now, but may still wait a few more days to a week. I think Skywalker may still be a couple weeks out, but here are pics of the trimmed buds I clipped just tonight.

Chocolope (2 pics):

Amnesia Haze (1 pic):

Skywalker OG (2 pics) … still a ways to go with this one (I plan to move her closer to the light once the other 2 tall one’s have been harvested as @SlowOldGuy suggested … thanks guy!):

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