Chocolate Thai Strain Review

Chocolate Thai
I carefully tracked this strain, absorbing as much knowledge about it as I could. OKMC in Broken Arrow, OK is the dispensary I call home. Behind the counter was a very knowledgeable gentleman wearing a hat. We chatted about the origins of this landrace cannabis. “I’m an old school smoker. I remember when White Widow and Northern Lights reached Oklahoma. Now, my interest is in landraces. I remember Thai Sticks. Never had a chocolate terpene profile before. What can you tell me about it?” “First off, if you like coffee then you will love Chocolate Thai.” Sold! “This has the taste of coffee. A smooth chocolate on the exhale with coffee on the inhale.” The man with a hat opened the jar and handed it to me. My mother, my caregiver, held the open jar for me. My hands don’t work so well. Yes, he was right. Together, these buds create a cappuccino terpene profile that was new to me. I remember drinking coffee early in the morning, sitting on a bench next to the Colorado River. The smell lacked the floral, citrus, and fruit I tend to enjoy. This, however, had none of those. Instead, this strain possessed pine, earth, and musk. It was a mix of spices blending turmeric in there. This particular strain softens incessant nerve pain. If normally your appetite is weak or your eating habits are less than, then this will help regulate your appetite.” At the register, I paid the man $80 for 7 grams and wheeled away a happier man.