Chocolate bud? Smells that way!



Had to harvest a week early due to mold. As I’m cleaning up my bud, it smells strangely chocolatey. Any ideas??


Is that a bad thing? Different strains will have different scents. What strain is it?


No idea the strain. A guy I know had some babies. This years girls are from that. It smells delicious tho


Chocoloupe is supposed to have a chocolate smell. You could have one of those.


Sometimes the descriptions aren’t actuate too my NL smells like a margarita.


My Northern lights smelled citrusy all through flower but after cure took on a smooth earthy flavor.


Good to know. It’s a very nice smell on my fingers after working with them.


So I guess in my neck of the woods it’ll be a smart idea to start outside grow late. I had to harvest about half my grow due to rain and mold. Anyhow…since the cooler weather and I guess maybe due to the big trim, I now have buds that are looking really good. While we are still in the high 80’s most of the day, upper/mid 60’s at night, the humidity has dropped and NOW I have good looking tight buds. Still another week from when I was gonna claim all of it, so now maybe wait to see how big they’ll get.