Choco struggling

I lost all my seedlings from my last post. This is a choclope plant, from the pics you can see the yellowing on leaves I have been battling for a couple weeks. I was using was using flora bloom grow at 25% and @ a 1/2 cup twice a day
About a week to 10 days ago I moved to a 50% nute mix and a cup twice a day. It was stunted at 3" for a while and the last week it has grown two inches. Can get rid of yellow. There are about 26" from cmh 315w light , temp and humidity are usually around 75* and 50%. What is going on here?
The other one is a Jack Herer auto which is barely hanging in, the other 3 didn’t make it. Any advice will be helpful


Why using Bloom? Bloom is for full grown plant to grow flowers…last phase of growing.

UNTIL…12/12 schedule is started…should be using mix of Flora MICRO and Flora GRO.

Suggest you download, and read the FREE…GROWING BOOK on this website.

You have invested lots of money in the tent, lights and such…would be a good idea to invest time and read the FREE…Growing Book here.

AND…then find the questionnaire to help readers understand where your grow is at.

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Your right,good catch!!

It is the Gro

I appreciate your dedication to this grow book, i’ve looked at every picture and read everything on this site, along with dozens of others…Printed it off several months ago and have it sitting on my couch right now.

But I dont appreciate your insinuation that I haven’t invested my time…You have no idea.

This is my 2nd or 3rd post on here, i didn’t realize i need a new questionnaire filled out for every question.

So, are you trying to say my plants need nitrogen…

Do you work for ILGM??? may help make it EZer for you. Helps me do my math

I am taking my burning ears …and crawling back under my slimy algae covered rock until my sensitive feelings heal.

ask someone else

Thanks, I have it pulled up now. I have had huge problems with water and now I probably going the opposite way.

Does the plant look somewhat healthy?

What about the small JH auto next to it…almost two weeks on that. Looks very small to me?

Are they in some kind of medium,rockwool/peat pellet ?

The choco , the “big” one, I started from a coco pellet and transplanted to an all pellet pot, I took the coco and just buried it in the pellets. The smaller auto , was in rockwool and the I transferred the 1.5 " cube right into pellets.
That auto was put in coco on 6/27, almost two weeks. Way small for an auto

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That’s not 100% accurate. There are plenty of people using gh that likely don’t even own a bottle of flora grow. Check out Lucas formula. I’m not suggesting anyone use this method, but there are lots of growers that have a lot of success.

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I only use grow in vegg really. During flower, once in awhile