Chlorine in water

Tell them its for growing and they might just hand you a nice scoop…
I know i would have 0_o



Does this mean there is a specific filtration system that removes chloramine?

My local water supplier uses chloramine. I am looking for a cheap system to remove the stuff.

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Catalytic activated carbon…
If its a city water source i would recommend 12 x 40 (that’s just the grain size)
If memory serves its good for 7.5 GMP Per CU FT and regenerates with chlorine or peroxide (on city water it would just backwash every so offten because the chlorine is there already and a yearly peroxide rinse cleans the rest out of the carbon)

Very simple
not to expensive and can be in a manual option (cheapest)
or an automatic one

@SurferDude This is the stuff ( I cant speak to this brand but it is packaged like the commercial CU FT bags) But the price is about right.

Same rules and usage as all the other carbon filters i have spoken of in the thread apply

I feel i should take a sec to say if this is for a whole house filter and your using a full size tank (to fill up)
you need a type of filter gravel to put in the bottom of the tank to cover the screen.

This is universal for all Carbon

A pic of a Clack ws1 whole house automatic filter (Carbon filters do not need the short fat tank on the side)

Does this really work could u explain it to me please

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It’s just a simple inline hose filter that gets out the solids and chloramine or chlorine it’s takes some of the damaging crap out of the water to make it easier on the living critters

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So its worth it?

Does the hose come with it

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Yes it’s worth it especially if you are growing organic every time you hurt the microbes in the soil you slow the food supply going to the plants. No a hose doesn’t come with it. I bought the filters an adapter for my tub faucet a short hose protector and a 50 ft hose and water straight from the hose
I switched to a larger unit now that I moved, I have it hanging out on the wall in the back yard.

This is the one I’m using now

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Ok thx my friend im going to look into it

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You could prolly find all of these in the RV area of Walmart and save a couple dollars because of shipping things are often cheaper locally

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Gotta it coming tomorrow so time thx again

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If i recall your in the southewest correct

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Yes sir/ma’am I’m in southern NM

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Just sir

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:laughing: wasn’t sure which one :thinking: do you live down here?

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Im in az but i think we have similar weather. Any tips on coolin a tent

You could do all that :arrow_up:
Or you could just water with straight tap water right out of the spout and be safe in knowing it absolutely has ZERO detrimental effects on your plants or rhizobiome.
Chlorine molecules immediately attach themselves to the soil and generally don’t penetrate more than an inch or two into the soil. Naturally occurring soil microbes will then eat away the chlorine and get rid of it.
Chlorine is actually a micro-nutrient and would only kill a plant if applied at levels thousands of times higher than you’d ever find in any municipal system.
It the levels were that high it’d kill you too!

Chlorine in tap water is a non-issue as far as growing marijuana in soil.
Period, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

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Im in the desert man my tap ppm is 700 -800
I believe