Chloramines in water - anything to do?

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First time doing DWC Hydro grow with Feminized Blue Dream clones. H20 ph balanced to 6.0, but there are chloramines in our water (San Francisco - Hetch Hetchy water). For the pond I must add a neutralizer for the fish.
Does anyone KNOW if I should do anything for the water in the DWC?
In advance, thanks

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From what I understand- yes, you should try and filter it out. I read that running water through a Brita can do the trick. At least that’s what I’m doing.

@Donaldj or @ktreez420 are both hydro guys and should be able to help
I believe @Ray4x is correct that you’ll want to remove them but I’m a soil guy so I will revert to question to the hydro guys
Happy growing


Get prime it’s a water treatment I use it in both hydro and in my fish. Also amquel works great


I use either rainwater or RO and yes chloramine should be removed


Thanks to all. I have some amquel, and the fish seem to happy with it…

I don’t even know what chloramine is lol?! @Donaldj can you school me here?

And @Givemefire what is prime?


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If I may…Chlroine was used to purify water for years in pools and drinking water. The “problem” is that it would evaporate out of the water, so they formed Chloramine (Wikipedia = Chloramines - Wikipedia), which is ammonia and chlorine. The “advantage” is that it does NOT evaporate out of the water. Prime is a “neutralizer”, so the fish (and plants) can do better.


Prime is the best to remove chlorine.
I’ve used it for year in my reef tanks.

A good charcoal filter will also work I recommend a prefilter as well for sediment and what not to prolong charchol filter life
I run a three filter whole house set up with I have UV lights as well
My third filter is the charcoal first is sediment and middle does iron and stuff u v light kills any and all bacteria
I use well water :sweat_drops: so not much chlorine if any in mine but it world work great on city waters as well