Chinese Snake Beans

We grew some Chinese Snake Beans this summer. Got a late start, otherwise the arch would have been covered over. This is by far the oddest thing we have ever grown and super fun if you have kids or grandkids around. The ‘bean’ is actually a type of squash or gourd. If you harvest it small you slice it and stir fry it and supposed to be like a green bean. If you let it get big and turn yellow the center is a red/orange paste that can be scraped out and supposed to be similar to tomato past. I am letting this one seed out for next year. I got the seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds out of Missouri.

The weirdest thing about this plant is that when you touch it, it smells like hot roasted, buttered corn. This one is 22" long. I think they get up to 36".


Really cool! I’ll be growing some next year. Thank you for sharing.

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Harvested as we got our first freeze. Ugh! The buttered smell is overwhelming but our grandson is quite pleased with his snake!