Chinese rosin press

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Nite on the town


Our little guys gets some iPad time ones and a while as a treat.


Bob likes mice, moles, rabbits, anything that moves even leaves

Hes a hiker though, he’s hiked the Canadian Rocky Mountains


Did you paint his nails?

Lol no he’s got silicone nail covers on, so he can be on our shoulders when he’s not walking.


Good idea, I’ve seen those in the pet shops. Once my wife wanted a Christmas tree (after the kids were gone) so I painted the dogs nipples with indullible markers and had her stand on her back feet when my wife got up Christmas morning. Went over like a lead baloon!


Buy em online you get way way more for the price and they are the same brand.

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Dang it! So much to light and no likes to give!! :+1:t2::+1:t2::sunglasses:

We have two dogs and two cats.
We have a scaredicat
A lap cat.
A Shepard and a pit/lab. Never a dull moment! :crazy_face:
Believe it or not, the black male cat (lap cat) laying next to the lab/pit in my profile picture rules the house… :rofl::joy::rofl:


When I’m away at work they rule the bed.

Yes bossman is almost as big as our 26lb dog.

I bet your kitty does. Kittys are smart and have claws lol


Our cats don’t have front claws. I’ve had the cats for about 18 years. When the dogs were young, at one point or another, both dogs have gotten a beat down on the tops of their heads by the male cat (the ruler)… now that was just funny! :joy::rofl::joy:
The cat hit them at least 10 times in 2 seconds. The dogs would turn to us , like what just happened?? Too funny! :joy::joy:


Bossman is thinking mmmm this smells so good. Just a little taste no one will notice. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Okay so I did get a Chinese rosin press… Sort of.
The girl doesn’t know yet but I got a smoking deal so it worth the risk.
380$ Canadian.

The guy built the frame himself and had a jack laying around, he isn’t growing anymore so he says and did it more for of something to do/learn how it worked. He did press a bunch of junk laying around and now he wants to buy an ebike so was offloading it for the price of the plates /controller, which came from Alibaba.
390$ for the plates but I paid 380 for the whole setup. I will probably re paint it this summer for fun, the housing and the Jack (I’m thinking like green?).
I need to buy a jack handle, if possible I want to put a pressure gauge on it as well.
I want to get a temp gun so I can dial the plates in more accurately, I did use a temp gun before I bought it that I borrowed from work. I noticed a 7*f difference from plate center to controller readout. Close enough for the price and I know it works so now I’ll dial it in slowly.
Here she is.

The controller pic was given from the sellers website

This saved me 250$ or more depending on cost of shipping I Geuss, if I was going to buy a dabpress 6 ton. He also gave me a pouch full of rosin bags so I just need some quality parchment paper and a cooling plate, aka some sort of piece of aluminum or flat metal.

I realized I will have to press in my shop because when you heat the press up it smells like rosin so I probably don’t want to be doing that inside my house a bunch.


Hell yeah. You basically have what you would get with a dabpress setup anyways. As long as the plates hold temp and heat up correctly you’re in business. I’m sure you can get a gauge installed. It looks like the jack is held in with a couple screws on the front and back. If those come out you can most likely just get a new jack with a gauge. I give my plates a good rub down with wipes and towels before I press and when I’m done and that keeps the smell away when the plates are just on but will definitely smell when you’re pressing. I use basic parchment paper and as long as you don’t reuse them or press too hard too fast I never get bleed thru. A good pre press helps avoid bag blow outs too.


Thnx man, I get home in 2 days so I’ll probably get home and do my first press and smoke it fresh off the press after a 10min budder up.
I have some junk to use but I think I’m just going to turn it all into bubble hash, I may do a couple presses of it just to try.
I think the plates hold temp pretty accurately now that I have set the pid, but I will get it home and re auto tune it then check it with my bbq temp probes as I was using a laser temp. Gun and they are not recommended due to reflection.

I heated the plates up to 400 to burn anything off and they smoked but eventually it stopped lol!
What did you whipe.them with? I mean I Geuss I could use alcohol…


That’s a monster bro , lucky hope to find one myself

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I just use a antibacterial wipe then to make sure everything is off the plates then a wipe down with a regular rag or towel to wipe up any chemicals or alcohol that may be left from the wipes. I just received my bubble bags so I’m going to give bubble hash a shot too. Looks like the best returns off bubble and dry ice hash.

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Do not use dry ice for rosin!
Bad bad bad

This is what I’ve been told on the rosin tech pages. It’s a common move for normal bubble hash but not for rosin. Your best bet is normal ice and water bubble hash, otherwise lazy way is dry sift.
I have bubble bags used them once but I have a 5 gallon bucket full of stuff that could be ran through and I very well might do that since I’m getting sent home for a month and a half. Maybe with a couple days of work here and there but our work wrapps up tomorrow.


Good tip. Thanks! There a reason why dry ice method is frowned on? Dry ice hash definitely looks easier to do. I’m harvesting tomorrow morning so I’ll have a bunch of flower and trim to practice bubble hash with.