Chinese rosin press

Well I’ve been searching for a while and I know that the dabpress is affordable for many of you in the USA but here in Canada getting a 10 ton press seems to be a challenge at an affordable price.
Dabpress sells a press and a controller but it doesn’t come with a gauge and doesn’t come with a pump or a hose, Extra 150$ at “harbour freight” also known as princess auto here.
Press is 639 so 800$ for a 10 ton press and its not in one neat tight package.

I’m waiting for a price after shipping and import fees but sticker price is 490$ cad.
I’m going to try to talk them down on the price, my plan is to do a YouTube review of it as well as review on here. Can’t seem to find any reviews and I’ve been looking for a solid 3 days.
The specs to my untrained eye seem good, it’s 12 ton, I’ve asked for clarification on how big the plates are and how many psi it is. I’m. Sure it’s fine but good questions to ask. It does have a 1 year warranty so my plan is to get it buy some terps and use it alot.

I don’t see why it should be junk it’s not super complex technology and many build their own but that’s not for me. I want an all in one unit to just buy and use at a decent price. I know alot of people trash Alibaba but I think they don’t know how to shop on it and it is a bit confusing but you need to use your filters and know what to ask as well as many other things but this isn’t s guide on how to buy on Alibaba.


I have the 12-20 ton Dabpress caged plates and controller and they’ve worked great. They hold temp great and are accurate and are built well. I have a 20 ton press in my shop already though so it worked out for me price wise at the time, right at $300 for the plates. I’ve since bought a 20 ton press with a gauge from JEGS to keep at home, around $500. About $800-850 all together in the end. Harbor Freight gas 20 ton presses with gauges for about $400 but i went with a ram drive from JEGS instead of a bottle jack. I bet the other one will do fine I’m sure. Getting a bad built jack and pump sucks though. Constantly leaking seals and won’t hold pressure they way you need. Depending on how good of discount you can get from the Alibaba one, you might want to spend the extra on the better stuff for the long run.

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I’m gonna give it a go it’s got a year warranty on it.
I’m hoping to save a decent amount.
Also going to ask a fair amount of questions like how the return works and who’s gonna pay for shipping a return.
Although I think they have a service company in the USA and Canada it looks like so yeah I’ll continue to keep everyone updated.
I won’t be buying it just yet as I want to bank a bit of money as my work contract ends at the end of Feb.
I do understand dab press is tried and tested but again hoping to save some money here and I looked at getting a press but the issue is after adding all the parts together it’s even more expensive then a dabpress so that doesn’t add up.
I’m going to be careful and go in with the idea that it’s gonna break so I’m prepared if it does.
I honestly think that for the price it should be a decent unit though.


@spyonyou here it is.

So because of the time difference communication is one day at a time.
They messaged me last night with a price just shy of 800$ air mailed to my door in a week.

Not acceptable. As that’s the same price for a 10 ton dabpress (brand name tried and tested with warranty) after I fit it with a guage and a pump.

The dabpress is a 10/12 ton (depending on pump you buy, I can kmly find a 10 for a reasonable price) , 3x5 plates, 500w power, 0-399f working temp and weighs 13.1kg before pump.

Back to our Chinese rosin press
It’s 12 ton, 0-485f, 5x5 plates, 56kg or 123lb, then the Intresting part they claim its 2000w and pneumatic but its clearly hydrolic.
So that doesn’t add up. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow for them to reply late tonight.


So the Alibaba sellers tell you differnt info then tis listed on their add, when I asked for clarification they just Ignored me.
I honestly can not put my money down lol, I was willing to take a risk but this is to many red flags.

I want a 6 ton dabpress after more research, the dulytek 7ton is nice to but I’m hearing their customer service sucks!
The nug smassher Is more expensive and I heard from some who have used multiple presses thst it’s not great.
Unfortunately 6 ton is out of stock… So I wait.

Considering the 4 ton but it doesn’t heat both plates so I don’t like that.

The dulytek also had 2.5 inch wide plates rather then 3 inch and people have said its a downfall.

I could afford a 10 ton then buy a pump with a gauge but I really don’t think I’ll use it enough to warrant that.
Dabpress hasn’t got back to me I’ve emailed ajf FB messaged them…

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So dabpress just got back to me.
2 weeks and they will have them back in Canada, think I’ve found the winner.


The driptech will be nice. It’ll make it much easier when you’re collecting everything. If you can rig a pressure gauge on there it’ll be perfect.

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I talked to a local hydraulic shop and they will do it, it won’t be supper accurate because a load sensor is more ideal but once I learn where the gauge needs to be for my best return I have a marker I can focus on rather then shooting blind everytime.

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The gauge is a huge help. Doing a good pre press and letting my bag heat up before pressing has upped my returns. I’ve had best results from the 115 micron bags on my fresh flower at 185°f. I use 35 micron for keif at 150-170°. When I press street stuff of dispensary stuff I’ll use the 160 micron at 200-210° Just for a higher yield.

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Couple little images
First up is pressure to yeild.

Next up is bag type

Then is general info

I agree heating up the bag before the squeeze just makes sence in my mind let. It get to temp.

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That’s everything I saw to get my starting point. Lots of testing and playing and I’m still learning. Mine is tricky with smaller amounts with it being a 20 ton. Hard to tell where I’m at under 1 ton. Good product and the flower at a good humidity is the biggest thing. Haha, I’m sure you have that covered.

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Wow a 20 ton! Nice! What one do you have again?

Oh man I’m a newb I know very little lol
Ya you mean like 62% right?
Most of my stuffs 55-62% on jars I can add a little more humidty to the 55 stuff with something

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I have the Dabpress 3x7, 12-20 ton caged plates

And now I have a 20 ton JEGS press at home so I don’t have to go to my shop to press.
Yeah around 60%-65% humidity in the jar seems the best. Bubble hash or dry sift produces the most returns if you have fresh enough stuff but I havent messed much with that other than some keif when I get an abundance of it.

Yeah those are nice. I just didn’t want a full press. I wanted a table top press, a bench press.
Bo need for the bottom half of the device for me as I want to put it on my storage shelf in the grow room.

If bossman doesn’t mind


Bossman’s comtemplating crapping in yer bucket I think!

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No way he’s quality control in this operation.

Here he’s checking on the cure cork humidty


Our cat has to look at everything I do, even when I take meds he has to sniff in the bottles before I cap them or he ain’t happy. Crazy animals & very entertaining. An nosey as hell.

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You have to put yourself in their shoes. They are stuck inside the house which nothing really moves beside what is outside and what we move or anything we bring into the house.

Try growing some cat grass in your grow tent! For them it’s fun.


I would have done a bench top press but I just
finally moved into a house out of apartments so I have an abundance of space to fill for once so I went all out.

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He gets to roam around outside all he wants & is just narturally insane. More like a dog actually, knows lots of verbal comands & a few signing with my hands. here he is ready to do battle with the coyotes outback