Chesse and white widow

Hi everyone who stops by i hope you enjoy the picture along with the read
Have a dank day

I will be growing 2 cheese and 2 white widows
In general hydroponics waterfarm single Reservoir.
It’s a 2 gallon pot that sets on a 2 gallon reservoir with a drip ring in a 5by5by7 tent with 4 inch exhaust fan and a couple circulating fans I do have a humidifier if I need it
I will have pictures below of the set up in the box and out of the box and how it is set up very easy concept and they run about 70.00 usd

Grow medium is clay pebbles/ hydroton comes with the waterfarm

Rapid rooter

I will be using 2 marshydro sp3000
18/6 till flower then 12/12

For the nutrition I be using advanced nutrients
Sensi grow a and b
Sensi bloom a and b
Voodoo juice
Bud candy
Big bud
And flawless finish

Germination techniques will be as followed
Soak seeds for 24 hours in water from a water bottle at room temp
Then put seeds in rapid rooter and put rapid rooter in the waterfarm in tent under black covering till seeds pop then uncover
Straight water only ph to 6.0 no nutrients for a week after they pop
I will be running my timer for watering 15 mins on 45 mins off

The two white window where above ground this morning
I soak thrusday for 24 hours and went in buckets Friday morning 1-29-2021

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One of the cheese above ground this morning

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Now that they have sprouted put a clear dome over them as they haven’t established enough roots to feed themselves & are living off the preleaves (too early & can’t think of proper name). Mist the indside of the dome so the plant has plenty of moisture. Just do the sides of the inside to keep droplets from fallin on the plant. I use a few hydrofarm set ups & so far like it, I use my gun cleaning kit to clean out all the tubes when it comes time for cleaning for next grow.

Hey, I’m just an hour south of you haha. Figuring out how to grow at 7,000 feet.

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Oh yea lol :laughing: some time i wonder why I don’t move a hour south
Wish I could try some auto out door I would guess that be the best here with the quick summer and cold night in September it will be 80 in the day and 50 at night along with wind wind and more wind lol
indoor for now :wink:

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Do you do out door down south from me ?

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Yea I been using hydrofarm for years I really like it super easy
It turns to a pain when using organic because the drip ring plugs and needs cleaned every week
Also I use a cover till the sprout I’ve tryed to keep a dome on past grows always have a problem with stem being to wet and top just falling off :upside_down_face:
So for years I just uncover once the seed pop my veg room stay around 60 % humidity
Also want to show some one that hasn’t grown before how simple it is and you don’t need to get caught up in techniques or this is right or wrong so many ways
But the basics should be about the same and this will be a basic grow with no training or techniques other then soaking the seed for 24 hours and then putting it in it forever home because it’s hydro
No need to transplant you just ajust the amount of nutrients you give your plant
I will touch more on that in about a week when I start the girls on there feeding plan

Light are 32 inch from seedlings

I made this up out of a cheap pump from harbor freight ($4.99 I think) & a old washing machine hose & a hose taped on the intake that fits into the tube on the farm. If you do this make sure to get some water into the pump before starting cuz it’ll burn up quick.

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Will you Explain what it does and why you use it that way if some one reads this it may help them

I use it to drain the water out of the res. when the plants get too big to handle. Also great when flushing between plant cycles. To get water to the pump before starting the pump just get the hose low enough so water gets to pump doesn’t need much. And cutting the hose on the pump at an angle helps to get it into the other hose. An it’s cheap!!

Too big to handle! Oh yeah when I put my farm together I put a air tube in the res. with a air stone so when the roots hit the water they have enough oxygen. That’s the blue thing on the left.


No: the Association won’t allow outdoor cannabis. I have a room in the basement set aside for that purpose. Going from 98 feet to 7,110 has been eye-opening. Plants seem to do fine though.

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Yes that’s awesome the roots explode

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Atleast it’s not the law that don’t allow
I have never grown at a different elevation
I know different climate make for better growing environment but do you think it makes a difference in your basment from where your at now from where you lived before do to elevation?

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I’m currently running some new (for me) stuff for the first time so hard to say. But I’m very pleased with all of my environmentals and grow space is located in utility room in the basement with a consistent 65F/40% RH and a pilot light to add a bit of CO2. Plants are digging it so far.

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