Cherry pie or cherry kush?


Someone brought me a strain called Cherry Pie to see if it helped to knock down the agonizing lower back I’m suffering. It sure as hell did! The pain was down at least 60%. I looked it up and the net says it’s a cross between granddaddy purple and Durban Poison. I looked back at a post from Robert way back about Cherry Kush seeds available at ILGM. I guess they’re not anymore. Cherry Pie is clone only, and I can’t drive 1400 miles to buy them. I won’t buy seeds anywhere but ILGM. There are a couple of other sites that sell Cherry Kush seeds, but I ain’t buying. The question I have is Cherry Pie and Cherry Kush the same strain with high CBD? Hopefully one of you can shed some light on this. I’m currently growing sour diesel for the high CBD.


The affects of Cherry Pie and Cherry Kush are similar @skgrower

Cherry Kush is a cross between Purple Afghani and OG Kush so the lineage is different.

If I could recommend for daytime pain, Amnesia Haze or Chocolope and for evening (or day off, lol) Blueberry, or Gold Leaf.


Thanks. I’m growing 2 Haze autos and 2 gold leaf fems. I’ve cloned 3 sour diesels.


I am just sprouting two of the AHA and I have Blueberry Autos and Gold Leaf myself. I haven’t had the AHA but the effects profile is similar to Chocolope and DP as well!

You should be good to go! @skgrower


@skgrower , @bob31 is right on about the blueberry… i have chronic pain in my legs and it works wonders…am.haze also!
my next purchase will be gold leaf,so robert if you are reading this it is time for a gold leaf sale!! lol


I’m growing 2 of blueberry and 2 of gold this time around. I’m flowering 5 diesels now. I bought them because of the high CBD. Hope they help until the blueberry finishes in late November.