Chemzdead’s Outdoor Grow

Outdoor season getting on the way. Planted 12 blueberry Muffin clones with one Hog from seed today 5/25. (13 total)

Another 12 will be planted in a week or two once they catch up and fill their one gallon pots up. They are Wedding Cake and Fruit Punch by seed and a couple clones including The Hog and BBM.

I previously dug out 2’x3’ holes and filled them up with a soil conditioner and organic Composted horse manure.

I plan on using a blend of nutrients but as of right now I’ve been using Mendocino Veg Vigor.

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These are the rest of the flock that are on standby hopefully for first week of June.


That will be quite the Forest.


@Oldtimer69 @Bulldognuts @AfgVet @Italianking @ReconBravo just in case any of y’all want to follow this thread.


You know, I’m tuned to watching. Awesome :v:


Heck yeah looking good! I’m along for the ride for sure :wink::+1:

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Yes I do :+1:

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That’s quite the operation, damn! Will be a true forest indeed. Can’t wait to watch the progress. Set to watching :v:

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Awesome grow right there. You have 2 of the 3 I’m growing as well. Blueberry and wedding. You have amazing ground to grow I wish I had that too. I’m definitely following for sure

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Absolutely, thanks for the tag!

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I’m in! Set to watching now

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Holy shite! You got it going, damn that’s a nice plot. I’m following!


Beautiful! I’m following as well.

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I’ll try and be a bit more on top of journal updates and etc. I can be pretty loose about it but thank you all.

I’ll start today with some shots on the girls that are on standby.

*I topped a majority of them but the BBMs were monster cropped as well.

3 x Wedding Cakes
3 x Fruit Punch
4 x BlueBerry Muffin
4 x The Hog (SpaceOG x The Hog)

The Cakes:






How do you start your plants? Are they outside from the start or do you have them under a light early on? They look nice and healthy :ok_hand:

Thanks bud. Well normally I would start seeds early indoors and wait to put them outdoors till appropriate timing. So they would have a head start.

I had a weird start this season cause my plans changed several times. So my plants are starting off a bit smaller then I would of preferred but it’s all gravy.

The seeds that are on standby I planted a few weeks back started and kept outdoors. The clones I kept indoors till about two weeks ago and are doing just great.


SpaceHog :woman_astronaut: :boar: That sounds like my kinda plant :joy:

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Tell me about it, all I see when I hear the name are flying pigs with cowboy hats haha


Set to watch, should be epic :sunglasses:

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Question for you please… I finally put my plants into there final resting place in my tent in my basement. Pics provided. My tem is around 68 degrees. My humidity is at 90. How bad is this for my plants? And I added a time for my lights etc. For some reason the lights didn’t kick on at 7am as supposed to I didn’t notice till 12 noon. Would that hurt my plants20200527_205808

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Don’t worry about It. One little mis-hap that caused a couple hours of difference won’t effect the plant.

Just ensure (lights) are on when they are supposed to and off when so as well.

Are they in flower?