Chemical leaf testing


Hey fellow framers. So I have a current grow going with two plants at 46 days old from seed. (Photo bag seed) Right now I’m flooded, and the plants are grown indoors, but not in the house. With a lot of work to be done here, and my plants safe, dry and automated, the need to be with them isn’t a necessity. I flipped the switch a few days ago, and one is showing signs of sex. What I believe is male. But I’m giving it another day before I pull to make sure. Well that got me thinking about the chemical leaf testing that can be done as little as 1-3 weeks of age. Question is, is there a home test that is reliable and in inexpensive?


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Chemical leaf testing? Explain :joy:


What is chemical leaf testing?


Yeah, I haven’t heard about it either, so I can’t help here.


Are you talking about the sugars … ?
I dont have one of those testers but I know what your talking about I think…
Has to do with brix… basically sugar’s… :wink:

It’s a way to tell if the plant is doing what its supposed too… not to many people here using them…
Maybe we should start a new thread on this subject… real easy to tell if things are going right in your grow…



@Stoneythetiger420…Dun need to get in a rush. Males mature first…but, it takes a good week for the dingle berries to mature…longer to spew the yellow pollen. When you see three + dingle berries hanging…it’s time to pull the male.


Chemical leaf testing is a test that like @tanlover442 says, is a way to determine a plants sex long before pre-flowering is initiated. @peachfuzz, I agree about a new thread concerning the subject. We can only visually determine whether or not out plants are doing good. Which is a tried and true method, no doubt. But what if we can KNOW that they are running wide open? I think that would be bad ass to maximize any plant. The big guys can, what about us closet growers? And a reasonable fee of course. Lol


@Stoneythetiger420…have not heard of a test to determine sex. That would be a major advancement in growing. It would save 2 months of TLC being wasted on male plants.
There have been times when I ordered seeds from overseas and after two months ended up with 70% males. Think of the time, effort and expense that would be saved.


Use this chart to sex your seeds. Waste NO time then.


this was just a quick Google. I’ve heard of it before, but paid no mind to it. @Budbrother, is that reliable? Because I’ve come to notice that no matter what the seed shows, sex is variable. Granted I’ve never tried this particular method…


I believe you guys are referring to a refractometer. It uses a prism to measure sugars. I’ve used one for years in home brewing beer to determine alcohol content. I only recently learned it can be used with plants. But it’s a slightly different scale than the one I use. And other than it’s name and being able to tell you how it works I know nothing of its use in plants.


I had to look it up, it is called a qPCR or quantitative polymerase chain reaction also found other info on THC and CBD testing .search cannabis leaf testing.


I started to look at it but I’m too stoned and tired to process it all. I will definitely read more into it tomorrow though. But basically what I’m picking up is, it involves reading the DNA? Which could tell us anything about the plant. (But would have to be done in a lab?) Also maybe a bit off topic slightly, but what what the other info on thc and cbc testing that you found? Always good to learn something new…


Its on a competing web site so out of respect… try BING or GOOGLE type in potency and or gender testing for Cannabis. Supposedly they have a home test, accuracy they say is flawless… I do not know.


I’ve always had great experiences using it. If I question a seed, then I toss it out. Meh, just a bag seed. Now I have plants hermi on me before, but not before showing (female) sex first. Someone on her just tested it with 12 seeds and all were female.

Doo iiitt! Common dooo iiitt! :laughing:


@Holmes, I did a Google search first, I believe it was “sexing marijuana before pre-flower” and it led me to “chemical leaf testing”. It was everyone’s replies here, so I decided to re-Google “chemical leaf testing” which the first site to pop up was the screenshot I posted. Didn’t even think about it being a competing site. Oops. But it doesn’t change the fact it exists. No offence. Now as far as accuracy as advertised for the home tests, who knows? Which was the reasoning for the start of this particular thread. To find out if it is indeed accurate and feasible enough to bring it to the shelfs of our grow rooms. If it is, then we all here can benefit from being part of this discussion. And please don’t think my response as dickish. That is not my intent at all.


I will give it a go next time I drop some seeds. I just chopped down a male tonight. It was heart braking as it was growing beautifully. But hey, I still got to partake in my favorite activity. Even if I didnt get to flower. But I still have another vegging, so ill keep my fingers crossed. If it is in fact is a male also, I’m going to have to shut things down for a bit for a possible moving situation coming to a head with landlord issues and all. But it’ll give me a chance to beef up the room (add more insulation, and a possible co2 addition) and order some autos that have been catching my eye for awhile.