Chemical dependance


After having first hand experience with
d@a, I have much experienced with detox units and rehabilitation. After years of the shame and bewilderment of these experiences, I have concluded that I was never addicted to any certain chemical. I personally lean towards that my addiction is changing the way I feel. Unfortunately the substances that I would use would create dependence which highjacked my whole being. I believe hobbies, proper rest and healthy relationships offer much escape from the things that brought me pain. If you have struggled yourself then I’m sure you probably know first hand the feelings of this fact. I find weed a very good theroputic additive to push you into a happier state of living. It has relieved my stress and depression that hinders my daily functions and gives me peace on a higher level. I am pro-legalization and join others in a sincere push to help folks. We have one life so we should make efforts to enjoy this one time that we have. Be blessed today friends and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Peace. :v:



I totally agree and 2nd that statement.



Sir, what exactly a global ambassador for this awesome organization?


I repersent ILGM all over the net but modtly other growing forums


So true! I’ve 10+ years of good sobriety. I define that as “No ALCOHOL, NO exceptions”. The only person we are accountable to is our selves. Ive never had an issue with weed and I’m a more creative, less anxious me for using it. Some, I know, judge me but that’s none of my business. I’m too busy being me and keeping my house in order to be concerned. Good luck on your journey @Happy_Pappy✌ and congrats on being alcohol free! Sobriety rocks😊



Welcome to ILGM
We are the best and that`s because of our members and staff.
We all hope you stay and become part of our growing family.



I rode that “horse” for ten years of my life. Next month, the 23rd, I’ll have 5 years clean. Still a struggle, but love climbing that hill everyday


Your awesome!!


Right on @Fairieswear8oots. “No ALCOHOL, NO exceptions”

Yup, I take care of my side of the street and others can do as they like.

Coming up on 31 years in June. Life is Fine!! :grinning:


Its been 14 months no alcholol . I drunk it daily for 20 years and don’t miss it I have lost many family members behind it. Some ruined their lives and others passed away from it most recently a uncle 2 months ago passed away the doctor told him to stop and he kept going and was then hospitalized once again and he made and quit two months later died even though he quit it was too late all the damage was done and irreversible


Im so sorry for your loss @Mush4kush.
Cunning, baffling and Powerful. Thats addiction. Im so happy to be here among the survivor’s!
ML&R to you all


I laff every time I hear them say on tv that “Marijuana is a gateway drug” Nothing could be a bigger lie. Congrats to all of you that have wrestled your own demons and walked out victorious.


I was one year sober at Christmas. I struggled with alcohol for years. I was self medicating with alcohol for my depression and anxiety disorder. Then I found my answer bought it smoked it and started growing it. Haven’t looked back. It’s not the total answer but definitely a start.

It should be the other way around. Alcohol should be illegal and weed should be legal. We would be a happier society and a lot more people would be alive. I’ve known so many who have died using alcohol none from just weed.

Peace and happiness everyone.


Dude I think cigarettes are the gateway due to the extreme physical addiction. Worst damn drug there is in my opinion.


If alcohol was invented today it would be a schedule 1 drug. No medical use what so ever.


I put that habit down 4 years ago… so glad I did