Chemdog 2x4 tent grow

Milo wanted to say hello.


Barney says whaz up


Day 10 since the ladies broke ground. I have to say, I’m surprised lady #2 is the more aggressive grower, considering she was the second to root, second to break ground, and stayed really short, but she’s taking off. Looks like I have two completely different phenos on my hands, so this should be an interesting grow!

My UV lights came in so I got those hung up, probably could have done a better job of that but plant ties got the job done…running UV 12/12.


One of the ladies is showing some curled/deformed leaves and looks a little stunted compared to her sister…does this look like heat/light stress? The only thing that i havent really been able to get under control is humidity which fluctuates between 35-45% even with a humidifier running in the tent…thoughts?

Temp stays right around 80, DLI about 23 with lights 2ft from the top.

Her sister on the other hand is loving life…


I really dont see anything I would be concerned with. The “ugly duckling” will grow out of it as she gets older.


@MrMilo your bars are UVA? You running them all the way through eg and flower?

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Yes, only running the UV 12/12

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Gotcha. I run mine during flower but I’ve heard you can do veg also. I’d like to hang about for your experience. :+1:t2:


So the deformed leaves seems to have been an early indication of a mag deficiency. It progressed pretty badly on lady #1, but the CalMag arrived in the lick of time (original order never showed up…they eventually delivered the shipping label inside a plastic sleeve with a note saying “sorry we damaged your package”…)

The deficiency progressed so quickly that as soon as the CalMag showed up I did a foilar feed, then later trimmed the dying leaves. Didn’t take any pictures between my last post and when I gave her the hair cut and addressed the Mag def., wish I had because this didn’t look “exactly” like the few pictures in the troubleshooting guide, so it probably could have been caught earlier. The tell tale rust spots showed up shortly after last pics.

First real signs of distress, before the the leaves browned and started to die…

It got pretty bad and definitely stunted her growth. Good news is, she responded well to the CalMag foilar feed and following watering, so I think she’s out of the woods. She’ll probably get transplanted in a couple days.

As soon as the CalMag got delivered she got a foilar feed and then a watering the next day (both with CalMag), and on the watering I flushed to adjust PH. runoff was 5.9 watering with 6.5+ PH water, so I assume low PH was causing a lockout. Adjusted water to 7 so runoff was 6.4 after flush. I think she’ll rebound nicely.

On to the good news…

The other little lady of mine is looking spectacular. There was a little sign of a Mag deficiency, but just a couple spots that showed up right before the CalMag, so she got a foilar feed and she was thirsty the same day it showed up, so she got watered with it as well. she was looking so great it was time to give her a little more room to stretch her legs…

This was yesterday…

Transplanted and started LST today…

Saw a couple fungus gnats the other day, treated with a neem oil/dish soap spray and put some sticky traps in and haven’t actually caught any gnats or seen them since, so the neem oil may have been a perfect-timing treatment.

Glad I got lady #1 on the mend but a little bummed by the growth stunt, no way she yields the same as lady #2, she’s definitely going to be the prom queen.


I was going to wait until tomorrow to transplant lady #1 because I wanted her to dry out a little more, but I couldn’t help myself today…she looked like she had rebounded so well from the Mag deficiency that I wanted to really let her go.

Gave her a new home and started from very gentle LST. I’m optimistic.

Lady #2 looks like she’s loving her new home…

Hopefully smooth sailing from here. I’m already thinking through ideas for making more use of this room…I’m thinking another 2x4 tent and a 2x2 for clones/seedlings in early veg…I’m open to suggestions…AC Infinity has been great but I always like to hear from others.


I am inclined to watch your growing progress. Do you mind if I set to watching, and tag along with your updates? What you have going on right now looks great and I hope you have great success. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::100:


Appreciate it @Fatz1973 would love to have you tag along for the journey!

Very much so appreciated. Please lead on.

Quick update…
Both ladies are responding extremely well to the transplant and LST…

Humidity is low even with the humidifier in the tent, going to pick one up for the room as well.


Topped the ladies Tuesday Evening. So far responding well. Seeing a couple dark tips on Lady #1, but that might just be leftover from the Mag DEF. I was worried that her growth was stunted, but then I saw how compact her growth is. Every node seems to be doubled up on growth points…4 leaves instead of two…These may end up being some monster buds, even if the overall yield isn’t as good as it could be…

Lady #2 though…WOOOF she’s looking hot. Growing like crazy.

And the hormones are raging…she’s showing her lady parts…

You may need to zoom in really close but there’s a pistil in there!

In other news…my Runtz and Do-si-dos seeds showed up today…(Thanks ILGM!), so time to get on top of moving the futon out of my grow room so I can fit another tent (or two…)