Chemdawg or Gorilla Glue

Didn’t see ya question until now. I started my BD & GG right around Oct, but the GG’s went in the grnd 2-3 weeks after BD. A bit slow to begin with as temps were still a bit on cold side.

Taken 20oct18.(doesn’t seem right but thats what date stamp says)
And you’ve seen the recents in earlier post this week. Bit surprised by the size myself but been giving them plenty of TLC. A bit of nutes, trace elements & a spray for pests now an then thats it. And good genetics from ILGM makes a huge difference i feel, first time buying seeds an their the best plants I’ve grown so far.


Incredible! I guess our winters are mellow enough for them.

How did they do with this recent rain? I can’t wait to see the harvest.

Hi @AAA I have a few outdoor grows under my belt here in So Cal and have had great results with ILGM’s blueberry and cali dream. Have yet to try BD or GG though…

I’m downunder in Aus mate. Where in our final month of summer here, temps have been warm at 100°F on avg & as much as 115° some days.:sun_with_face::rage:


@Sth61The420State, did’t even realize !

@DaGoose thanks. Too many options!!!

I ordered skunk #1 and Mex Sativa by sensi seeds, they were confiscated.

Then ordered afghani fem from ILGM, 3 days later they arrived, put them in water. 24 hours later 100% success.

After staring at GG and CD, I went full circle and ordered NL reg and Sour D fem.

Still hoping they reship my Sk#1 and mex to add to the flavors /gene pool.

NL will be my pollen donor. As of now.

@AAA It’s all good bro! My first grow the ILGM blueberry was amazing. Last year the Cali Dream rocked.

Enjoy the ride :sunglasses::v:

Thank you! I’ll probsbly start a grow journal soon.

The chemdog is the bomb love the gg but the dog wins for me hands down

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Looks like I need to add another one!

Grew Gorilla Glue 2017 season, made scissors stick together and I had kief (all the sparkly sugar) up the yin yang at the bottom of a large container storing all the yield. The kief would form malted milk size balls from rolling around when I would move it. Small grow but 44 oz.


Impressive. Which country/region?

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California gold country

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Nice. Me too

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Hi peoples, newbie here, has any1 grew thc snow? (Msnl seeds) or sour grape kush?

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Wow, you have a Japanese Foo Dog protecting your crop, that is an awesome photo. Nice plant too !!! I havnt knowingly had G’G or chemdog but hopefully will soon :metal:t3:


@Sth61The420State . Question, we have a French relative here and she wants to bring a vape pen(with cannabis vape cartridge) with her to Sydney, risky? Legal? Advised/not advised?

Thank you in advance.

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@Sth61The420State half expected to see Jorge Cervantes walking around smelling them!l

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I’m sorry but that Giant sequoia bush is blocking the view of the cannabis plant!!! WOW


Man o man wish I could do that. I’d put xmas lights on it.