Chemdawg or Gorilla Glue

Planning a grow outdoors in so cal.

Anybody have experience with the 2? Most interested in opinions on the final product quality.

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GG for sure would be my vote. My neighbor grew it outdoors 2 summers ago and it is quality bud.

Thanks, hopefully I get a couple more votes before pushing the buy now button.

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I just started growing some GG so I can’t give an opinion on that one. the chemdawg was my last grow and I’m loving it as everyone who’s tried it. I was even able to capture an image of the chemdawg himself looking on and I believe I have his approval. Good Luck with your grow and if you pick chemdawg let me know if he visits you.


I would give GG my vote, haven’t grown either before but my GG’s are doing well on my current grow in a hot dry climate, and from what i hear its good stuff.

GG as of today.(not too long now and good times will be here)

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Beautiful. How is the scent?

Did you start that indoors?

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Have to answer this one , the scent is fukn delicious :+1:t4:

This is my gg


Started it outdoor, tried to get a few going under light to get em in earlier on but they didn’t go well. Got a couple going but they got that issue where they just fell over and died, wasted quite a few seeds from the HeavyHitters mp which is annoying.
Here’s a pic of my MK Ultras which went in around the same time as GG’s but i had major issues with pests & i was a bit slack looking after em, looking ok now won’t yield a lot but at least i get to try that strain.

And the smell durring veg was quite bad but now in start of flowering it isn’t that strong, YET.


Yours look about 1-2weeks ahead of mine which would make sense if your on the other side of the ditch.

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I think I took that photo last week they are a lil bigger today , I don’t know if ur seen my mk ultra but hey here it is

. It’s right upto the top of the wall now I’ve got so much string on it holding it down


That looks good.
If i hadn’t been slack maybe mine would be close to that.
Bloody last night at 2am i thought some scumbag was trying to steal me babies but it was a stupid cat that jumped the fence and got hung up in the barbed wire. Lol

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Your gg and blue dreams are bigger then mine, those bloody cats aye , Would hate to see them pinched

Yeah my bluedream got really big, had to chop it off at 5ft but now its like 8ft, would be 12ft if i didn’t.
I really thought someone was trying to steal em last night so i went out there all guns blazing so to speak to see the cat get free of the wire and run across the yard. Don’t know how it got out of the yard because its harder to get out then in. Might have to hook this little baby up, will stop cats & thieves.


Don’t “might” hook it up go and do it , my blood pressure has already stepped up a notch

Im going to do it just need some more wire, insulators & posts. At this stage there’s really nothing worth stealing & i have cctv with motion detection also. Getting a bit sketchy so close to the end.:crossed_fingers:

I’ve heard of people putting fish hooks thru the base so it can’t be ripped, but that won’t help you I think as I don’t think one person can rip that monster out ,

Yes agreed, even arnie in his day would have a hard time ripping them out of the ground. Done the fish hooks in the past but i always forget about them when im tidying up dead leaves.

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(A bit slow on flowering compared to GG’s)


Think i will stick to GG for next grow, seems to do well in my climate, easy to grow & mostly Indica dom good for not getting too big.



You certainly have the skills to grow big gunja. Yeah gg is well ahead ov both blue dream n mk ultra here , I think the blue dream will flower longer aswell being more sativa dominant . I’m going to grow one of each seed every year

Those babies are huge. When did you guys start them outdoors?