CHEMDAWG grow tips appreciated

So I’m doing a photo diary of my new strain a chemdawg with my new light the Hlg 150 patriot hlg ‘s newest light they personally reccomended along with a nutes with thanks to growganica I get to try their new line up and damn one week and these things are bigger than my salt nutes at 3 weeks

How’s she looking to y’all one grew so fast I had to reinforce the stem licking it didn’t break when it toppled

I see evidence of overwatering. Cannabis does best with wet and dry cycles. Water, let the soil dry out, then water again, repeat.


She’s looking healthy now if you ask me

I have a chem dawg clones i started flowering 3 days ago. Pls post final pics on here so i can see your end resukt pls ! 1st time grower and had to. Ring back clones from deficits.

My crazy creations

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Looking good what nutes you using

Going into week 3 of flower finally showing signs of sex can’t wait to see how big this girls gonna be she started stretching last week and is insane

Ok awesome info ! Love this page. See im 5 days into flower n seen no stretch above what would have grown with veg so was surprised havnt seen no real wow. Maybe chemdawg grows slower ? Idk lol but if ur in week 3 seeinf it. Maybe ill have to wait for than.

I started out just with advance nutrients perfect ph (literaly lowers and raises ph to 6.5. Is pretty cool ) just tge 3 base. Micro grow bloom.

Week 3 i got some b52 in. And now i have almost the whole basic line minus piranah cause i added my own myco and tricoderma fungus. On nute days i give nutes and lil cal mag. On water days i give molasses to feed the microbes and lil cal mag and once added more fungus week into it.

Using bergman best on my seed grow tent.

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So micro grow bloom.

Bug buds
Bud ifnitor
Bud candy
Flawless finish
As my additives now that im in flower

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This rely started popping oit aftwr day one if flower. Is thia what you mean by showing the sex ?

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Looks awesome so far, great job!

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I let her vegg for 6 weeks before I flipped here’s what she looks like today

The stretch is on

Yeah as soon as you see signs of buds or balls

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Nice and yeah it was weeo 2 of flower before it started really stretching

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I love that our plants look exatcly alike lol. Same structure as buds started etc. Idk if they all look like this. Again im first timer but thats awesome.

How many weeks is she now ?

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Here my babies ttoday


I was just about to say the same I’m in week 4 going on 5 about to introduce incredible bulk this week and how many watts you running

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