Chemdawg, green crack, gelato

This is my first grow. DEA mixpack kept in my refrigerator for 2 years. I finally germinated 9 of 15 seeds. All germinated but 3 had problems getting out of the soil.

One was a loss. One couldn’t
get out of the seed hull [it is the smallest with yellow leaves]… The 3rd has had brown leaf tips and slow growth. Soil is Fox farm seed starter .

I am getting ready to transplant…
If using General Hydroponics 3 part liquid nutrients, do I need to amend Lucky Dog soil prior to planting? Any other soil reccomendations

Cal/Mag has been suggested to me because of LEDs and magnesium deficiency due to PH too low. I have PH back at 6 and 6.2 and still monitoring it closely.

Using Spider Farmer 4000 LED lighting, FANS, TEMP 78/ 70 AT NIGHT DUE TO HEATED tiles floor. Low humidity 35 to 40 %.

I dropped the seed in water on 10/5 in Alaska.



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Thanks for the welcome. I can see I will be learning and reading. So much information!

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