Chelle's second grow - Gelato & Blueberry autos

@Chelley meant in vs out lol. Sorry

Today they got just distilled water. The run off according to my pens was 5.6ph and 2400ppm. My pens are cheap though so i dont really believe it :woman_shrugging: anyways, here are some updated photos!

The gelato is throwing some leaves that only have one blade, is that weird?


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Does this look like a magnesium deficiency?

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• blueberry • 51 days old •

• gelato • 54 days old •

I just dont know about these two :confused:

@Chelley well since they’re into flower maybe you’ll be pondering that question while you toke on their remains lol!! :smile:

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@Fieldofdreams ABSOLUTELY! :yum:

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A couple updated photos…

• blueberry • 80 days old • week 8 of flower •

• gelato • 83 days old • week 7 of flower •

These trichome photos aren’t easy!

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@Chelley nice coloring!!

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Final product! My 1st successful grow got me 1.5 oz from my blueberry and 1/2 oz from my ugly gelato. Not much but I’m happy with it :grin: dropped a runtz auto last night and ready to grow again!!!

This is a pretty blueberry bud!

And who doesnt love a sexy silhouette? LoL!


@Chelley that is one of the prettiest buds I’ve ever seen. That looks exactly as described. Bluetiful!!!

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Thanks, growmie!

@Chelley Looks like you did a fine job. I’m a Gelato fan, so give it a try. I bet you will like it a lot.
Oh yeah, I believe that all auto flower plants are females, so next time you won’t have to worry about the gender.
Good luck and enjoy.