Chelle's second grow - Gelato & Blueberry autos

High friends! :wave: I’m attempting to journal this grow, though I’ve never been good at journaling anything in my life. My first grow ended up being a male and it was heartbreaking! But, life goes on and here I am now.

I’m already worried about my gelato, but the blueberry seems to be doing great!

Both are in 3 gallon fabric pots with happy frog soil. I water with distilled water about 4 cups every 4 days or so. Gelato is 26 days above ground and blueberry is 23 days. I use a spider farmer sf1000 light in a 3x3 tent. Temps stay around 75-80° and I just keep a small fan blowing. I haven’t started nutes yet as they’ve only been in these pots for a week and everything I’ve read says happy frog feeds for 3-4 weeks. I do have jacks 321 and cal-mag on site and ready to go though.

This is all relatively new to me so any help along the way is appreciated!


Looks good! Let them dry up before watering again. They like that wet/dry. Spot on with watering away from the stem, good on you! Your soil may last longer. At about 4 weeks, check your runoff ppm’s. If they are at 1,000 or less, start feeding. And you can feed Jack’s every single watering. They don’t like much nitrogen when flowering starts, so if needed, the Jack’s ratios can be adjusted. Good luck and happy growing!!!

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@Chelley Welcome to your best grow!! Your last experience will help catapult this one to perfection!! That little one on the left might’ve found a hot spot in your soil, she looks like her tips are a tad burned but she’ll power through it! Happy growing!! :green_heart::seedling::green_heart::seedling:


Welcome to your new happy place :blush:
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An updated photo of the ladies from today! They look happier to me :grin: feedback is so welcome here!

I’ve read that this is a good indication that it’s indeed a female…when the stipules cross like an x…any truth to that? I’m just paranoid since my last grow :confused:

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Well that’s an interesting little nugget, can’t wait to hear about this!!

Your babies look great btw!! :seedling::green_heart::seedling::green_heart:

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