Cheesequake first timer


I am a first time grower I’ve started growing the beauty feb8 but it in flower March 16 is it going right when do I harvest?




Have you checked the trichomes with a jewels loupe ? You will need a 60X magnifier glass or jewels loupe to check the resin trichomes to see if they clear , cloudy or Amber , most like cloudy and Amber before harvesting , timing could decide , but to know exactly you want to check trichomes .


I tried blowing up the photo , but another way you might can tell when to harvest is when those white pistils that look like white hairs start turning mainly orange , reddish in color . If they still white means sometimes the plant is not finish budding , but once those white hairs turn 70% orange or reddish than that can be an indication the plants is ready or close to harvest , hope this helps !!!


Thanks I tried posting a better picture but the it’s too big


So are the white hairs still mostly white are mostly orange reddish color ?



To me from the photo it’s still lots of white pistils , so I’ll say maybe another 2-3 weeks ?



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Had to cut her down a little early


Sometimes clear and mostly cloudy is the best buds on most strains , but your buds look very good and a nice light green tone , I’m sure it’s has a great aroma , but let them hang in the dark grow tent with just fans on to move air , and give it about 7-10 days , no lights , just fans only , and once the stem snaps instead bend , you should be ready to jar them nuggets and wait about another 2-4 weeks for complete cure and burp jars at least twice a day for about 20-30 minutes and let us know how the final outcome of your medicine works for you .


So how good is it , are you too high to write …lol I understand !!!


Lol I wish but it’s still drying it does smell wonderful I just want to know how much weight is it gonna be? I know it’s not gonna be a lot but that’s my first grow and I didn’t top it at all so hey can’t complain


And does it have to have fans running?


Not really long as it’s dark and your temp is steady.