Cheese strain, and it's my first time doing it hydroponically any tips would be great

Hey buddy, I need to get a few opinions from you as well as what you’d recommend for a specific strain and doing hydropnics.
The specific strain is cheese and it’s my first time doing it hydroponically any tips would be great as well if like her to come out healthy a monstrous, as of right now it’s barely a sprout. Thanks look forward to hearing from you.

What type of hydroponic system? DWC or flood and drain table? Etc…

DWC of course needs better temperature control, especially in the reservoir.


It would be a flood and drain system, that’s what I have to start with now have to save a tad bit of money at the moment, I appreciate the help

Hey MacG I had a question about girl scout cookies, do you know what a perfect temperature is for that Strain, it’s grown indoor

The ideal temps for pretty much all cannabis should be between about 70-75*F. This is the ambient air temperature at the canopy.

The hydro reservoir for you flood and drain table should be kept about 68-70*F.


Ok thank you I appreciate it, and I know the temps for air for the canopy, but I do appreciate it. All the Cali ones I have do great at 72-75 degrees, and the main reason I was asking about the girl scout is because she wilts and gets heat stress with any thing 70 degrees and above but when she gets to 66-69 degrees she’s almost perfect, but what I don’t understand is when she unfolds the leaves caused by the heat stress she starts folding the tips of her leaves down but the rest stands nice and pretty, and she doesn’t have any yellowing leaves she is really bright green and healthy looking. Could that possibly be due to do much nitrogen, or phosphate, or patassium, possibly even zinc?

And this picture I just took, is she doing this to get light to her inner branches?